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See this new Accessory for iPhone X

These accessories are centered on the iPhone 10, but most of these will work with the iPhone 8, and 8 plus, as well. So if you're looking for some cool tech to compliment those, this is the article to read.

Mobfun Fabric Wireless Charger

If you've been looking for a wireless charger, but don't want to spend $60, $70, or even $80, Mobfun Fabric Wireless Charger stood out for a couple different reasons. One, it's relatively inexpensive, and currently priced under $35. Two, it's made out of this cloth like material, so not only is it going to be the smooth, soft, pillow like mat, where you can place your phone at and charge it, aesthetically, it's going to stand out from the billion other wireless chargers out there. So that silver back, paired with that blue cloth material, is a beautiful contrast, and on top of that, the flat USB cable attached to it, makes cable management super easy.
Mobfun Fabric Wireless Charger is not limited to just the iPhone 10, the 8, or 8 plus. This will work with any smartphone that supports the wireless chi standard.

MUSTTRUE Portable Power Bank Charger QI Wireless Charging Pad

Next, speaking of wireless charging, if you want truly wireless charging, the only way to do that is a battery bank and this guy from Noeson. This guy will do the trick. This is packing 9000 mAh of juice inside. I'm not sure how practical or how necessary it is to have a wireless charging battery bank. But if you've ever been to one of those coffee shops that have wireless charging in their desks, it's usually a bunch of crap 'cause you got to insert some weird circular dongel, download an app, and no one's got time for that. But with this, you can bring wireless charging with you, anywhere.

JBL E45BT On-Ear Wireless Headphones

So next up, one of the best iPhone 10 related gifts, given the lack of headphone jack, are going to be a pair of wireless headphones. First up, these are from JBL, the E45BT. They're a little more budget friendly. They're on ear, so you're not going to get as much covered as you will with a pair of over ear headphones, but they still pack a ton of sound. What I dig about these is one, you get that stealthy, triple black look, so you're not going to draw too much attention. And two, they break down and fold up very nicely, so they're going to be awesome for traveling. Now with the top band, it's made out of this cloth material, and you got some padding towards the bottom. So it's going to help with those longer listening sessions. And on top of that, what I like about it is you have the inline controls and a super accessible power button right here. From there, a nice small thing is having the left and right ear cups clearly labeled. I know it's silly, but sometimes that is very helpful. And if you want a simple pair of headphones that aren't going to cost over $100, I would definitely check these out.

From there speaking of over ear headphones, if you're looking for a step up over those JBL's, these from Focal, the freedom wireless, might be one of the best sounding pairs of wireless headphones, I've ever listened to. Just like the JBL's, these also share a stealthy black look. You do have a splash of red, a little bit of gold with the text, and you have a glossy finish around the ears.

The absolute biggest and most compelling selling point with these though, is going to be the audio quality. Focal makes some crazy, and I mean crazy, high end audio gear. So the fact that you have that kind of technology inside a pair of wireless headphones is beautiful.

Now these aren't used in active noise cancellation to preserve audio quality, but there's definitely some sort of witchcraft going on because when you throw these on your head, it is nearly impossible to hear what's going on around you. I've taken them on airplane trips, they work excellent for that. I've taken them to the gym, they've been tossed around, beat up, they've dealt with a little bit of sweat. But no matter what I've thrown at them, they have held up. The absolute biggest selling point with these though, is going to be audio quality. Focal does some crazy stuff, and this is no different. So if you want, kind of the best of the best definitely scoop these up.

Smart Battery Case for iPhone X, Capshi 6000mAh Rechargeable External Battery Portable Charger Protective Charging Case for iPhone

So next up, I've actually had pretty decent battery life with my iPhone 10, but if you find yourself needing just a little bit more at the end of the day, the iPhone X Battery case is the case you got to check out. It is priced extremely well, $39. But on top of that, it is packing a ton of power, 6000mAh. What's really nice with this is you have a lightning connector towards the bottom to charge your phone and the case at the same time, so you don't need to carry a second cable. The absolute only complaint I have with this, if you look closely, there's actually no lip protection. So if you set this phone down, it is exposed as hell. So just be careful if you pick this up. It is not going to give you the best front facing protection. Aside from that aesthetically, you know, it's a very basic phone case. But it's going to do what it says it's going to do. Extend the battery life of your iPhone 10.

Bose SoundLink Micro

So last up, we're talking about headphones, but maybe you want to listen to your music out loud. And that is where a good Bluetooth speaker comes in to play. This is the Bose SoundLink Micro. Even though it's small, it's compact, there's some serious power inside. On the back, you have this nice, little detachable strap right there, so if you want to lock it down to your pants, your backpack, Rich, you can do that as well. It's rugged, it's durable.