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Which of these is the Best Speaker: Echo vs Sonos One vs HomePod vs Google Home Max

Credit: Mike Prospero/Tom's Guide
Following quite a while of testing, I decided HomePod is the best shrewd speaker general as a result of its conservative outline and splendid sound. In any case, I just prescribe it to Apple Music clients. If its all the same to you having two speakers, a couple of Sonos One speakers sounds superior to HomePod and is more good.

I'll clarify how I achieved my decision by looking at four keen speakers (Amazon Echo versus Google Home Max versus Apple HomePod versus Sonos One) while assessing six classifications: sound (most vital), outline, voice associate, similarity, programming, and extra highlights.

My Experience

I've invested months inquiring about and testing brilliant associates and speakers.

To begin with, I analyzed the greater part of the Alexa gadgets. Reverberate and Echo Plus (with indistinguishable sound quality) are the best Alexa speakers, however they're appalling in contrast with different speakers.

Second, I contrasted Google Home Mini with Amazon Echo Dot. Neither one of the assistants gets along with Apple items, yet both do well controlling shrewd home gadgets.

Third, I looked at all of the Sonos speakers. I cherish the Sonos' accumulation. They sound phenomenal and work with each music benefit.

Speakers with keen associates have been out for a long time, yet solid quality hasn't been a need as of not long ago.

Google discharged their superior adaptation of Google Home, Google Home Max, prior this year. Sonos discharged Sonos One, a reexamined Play:1 with Alexa bolster. Also, in February, Apple at long last discharged HomePod following six long stretches of work to make a speaker.

I purchased a few distinct speakers to perceive how HomePod stacks up.

It is anything but an advantageous speculation to change your music administration to take into account one of these speakers since Google Play Max, Apple HomePod, and Sonos One sound great! It comes down to which organization's biological system you're alright with.

I adore HomePod and keep it in my office. In any case, I have two Sonos One speakers in my family room, as well!

Regular Misconceptions

HomePod, Home Max, and Sonos One are following unexpected markets in comparison to the first Amazon Echo and Google Home gadgets. You either need a superior speaker for music, or you need to make your home more quick witted. The general population who organize smarts fall back on the $50 financed gadgets, similar to Home Mini and Dot. Resound doesn't have a place in this correlation post. Be that as it may, it's incorporated on the grounds that a huge number of individuals are hunting down Echo correlations, and I need to set the record straight.

Sound inclinations are subjective. Some audiophiles on Reddit say HomePod sounds like a $1,000 speaker, while others say it's exaggerated. Sound inclinations even differ in daze tests.

Except if you're an accomplished tech commentator and have done next to each other examinations like I have, you won't have the capacity to recognize sound quality between one framework and another. HomePod, Home Max, and Sonos One sound incredible freely, and they're 10 times superior to the $100 shrewd speakers (Amazon Echo and Google Home).

Home Max is my minimum top choice, yet I just saw its mediocrity when I heard HomePod or Sonos alongside it. You can't turn out badly with any of them. Whatever you pick, it'll most likely be the best speaker you've ever possessed.

These require power and WiFi to work appropriately. HomePod and Sonos don't work without WiFi. Resound and Home Max have a 3.5mm jack line-in and Bluetooth, so you can play music without WiFi however should associate with utilize the full scope of abilities.

Sonos One


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Sound (A):

Sonos One offers a fresh and rich sound with less bass than HomePod or Home Max.

I lean toward the clearness of one Sonos One over Home Max. (Also, it's a large portion of the cost.)

Like HomePod, Sonos speakers sound great wherever you are in the stay with their Trueplay innovation. In the event that you can move beyond the wonky setup of Trueplay, you'll adore it.

HomePod's sound is more powerful than one Sonos One. (Trueplay isn't in the same class as HomePod's A8 Chip innovation. In addition, Sonos One speakers look ahead.)

At an indistinguishable cost from one HomePod, a couple of Sonos One speakers sounds superior to one HomePod.

On the off chance that you need to pull out all the stops, Sonos Play:5 beats these savvy speakers for $500.

Outline (A-):

It's stylishly satisfying, feels well-constructed, and it's touch-controls are strategically placed to finish everything.

Sonos One comes in white and dark. The dark looks stunning in light of the fact that it's one shade, while the flame broil on the white influences it to look two-conditioned.

It's four pounds, six inches high, making it the ideal size to place anyplace in your home.

Voice Assistant (B):

Sonos has an open stage and doesn't play top picks.

As of now, Sonos utilizes Alexa as their voice right hand. It works nearly and in addition a local Echo (some Alexa's aptitudes like calls aren't accessible yet).

Google Assistant is coming to Sonos in 2018 and should the ideal blend of smarts and sound.

Similarity (A+):

The brilliant gadgets that work with Echo, work with Sonos One since it has Alexa's mind.

Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIN, Gimme Radio, and SiriusXM can be played through your voice.

In spite of the fact that you can't play each administration utilizing your voice, you can stream any famous music benefit accessible remotely to Sonos inside the Sonos application. Sonos wins add up to music combinations contrasted with other shrewd speakers in an avalanche.

Sonos has no inclination in the music administrations or shrewd partners that you utilize.

Programming (C):

Sonos' setup and application are great. They have each prevalent music administration, and they are altogether overseen in a widespread line. My companions and I have been utilizing the Sonos application and fixing up the line with melodies for quite a long time. Giving everybody on your system control of the music is enjoyable. Sonos just has a "C" in the product segment in view of Alexa.

Setting up Alexa is severe and doesn't generally work. When Alexa is matched up with Sonos, savvy home combinations and other Alexa settings are changed inside the Alexa application, not the Sonos application. The Alexa application is anything but a wonderful ordeal. Fortunately on the off chance that you as of now have your brilliant home gadget setups made sense of from a past Echo, you won't need to do it once more.

Alexa's listening ability affectability can be temperamental. When I initially got mine, Alexa couldn't hear me well. Sonos refreshed the firmware, however others report that it's excessively delicate. Sonos will make sense of it with a refresh.

It's difficult to check whether Alexa is listening in light of the fact that there's solitary a small LED that lights up. To adjust, One plays an uproarious and irritating toll after you say "Alexa." There ought to be an approach to incapacitate or make the ring calmer in the settings. I'm by all account not the only one saying this!

Trueplay is awesome, however it's difficult to set up. You need to stroll around your room while holding your telephone topsy turvy and wave it, while boisterous laser sounds shoot at you. It just takes three minutes, however now and again it falls flat. On the off chance that you move the speaker, you'll need to reset Trueplay and do the procedure once more. Sonos doesn't naturally conform to environment like HomePod.

Reward (A):

You can control any Sonos speaker with your voice by having one Sonos One. You needn't bother with a Sonos One to get the Alexa and Sonos mix however on the grounds that all Alexa gadgets work with Sonos.

On the off chance that you need a multiroom setup, Sonos is your best alternative. You can match together the same number of Sonos as you'd like, and unpair them anytime. A Playbar is your most logical option in the event that you need a speaker for your TV.

Apple HomePod


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Sound (A+):

There's no preferred sounding speaker over HomePod in its size. What's more, it gives more costly speakers a keep running for their cash.

HomePod is a PC with its A8 Chip (a similar chip in iPhone 6). This is the principal speaker to have a true blue mind, which gives Apple a chance to get the most out of HomePod's equipment. It takes the information it gets from the amplifiers and influences a model of the room in genuine to time, at that point modifies the sound likewise.

HomePod aligns itself following two or three minutes of playing a tune and tunes effectively based room conditions. There's no setup for this.

Speakers ordinarily stable diverse when you move around the room, however in the event that you close your eyes, you won't know HomePod's area.

Normally, sound contorts once a speaker's volume goes past a specific point, yet HomePod sounds fresh, similar, and magnificent at each volume level. The clearness at 10% volume is the same as 100%.

For full omnidirectional sound, there's a seven-tweeter cluster and a six-mouthpiece exhibit that tunes in for sound ricocheting off of dividers and furniture.

There's an accelerometer that helps HomePod perceives when it's been moved and will re-change its sound.

Outline (A+):

It looks and feels stunning. It's seven inches high, six creeps around and shockingly overwhelming. This size is the sweet spot for brilliant speakers.

It comes in White and Space Gray.

You can put it anyplace without drawing consideration, yet it's not all that little as to forfeit sound quality.

No points of interest were disregarded. For instance, the power line is made of a similar work material to coordinate HomePod, and it's the most delightful power string I've ever observed.

The show incorporates contact play, respite, and skip catches.

The brilliant LED lights on top to tell you it's listening look cool and are obvious from all over the place.

Voice Assistant (C):

Siri completes a splendid activity of fathoming what you're asking (superior to Alexa and Google) at that point performs HomeKit errands and plays Apple Music impeccably. In any case, Siri can't do so much as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Try not to try asking Siri errands that you'd ordinarily ask an internet searcher since it won't know.

Basic errands like telephone calls, different clocks, and checking logbooks can't be performed, despite the fact that iPhone's Siri can do these.

Siri says, "I can't do that on HomePod." yet then doesn't hand off the errand to Apple Watch or iPhone. You're left with no assistance.

Siri can't perceive distinctive individuals' voices like other voice partners, despite the fact that iPhone can. It harms with informing and notes. Your flat mates can send and read your messages on the grounds that Siri can't perceive who's talking. (You can cripple "Individual Request," yet that implies YOU can't send messages utilizing Siri either.)

Similarity (F):

You can't setup or utilize HomePod with an Android gadget.

Apple Music and Podcasts are the main administrations that Siri can play utilizing your voice.

Apple hasn't completed an extraordinary activity of indicating you can utilize benefits other than Apple Music, however you can utilize AirPlay with any music administration and it sounds awesome.

Nonetheless, there are issues with AirPlay.

In case you're on your telephone and perusing the Internet and a video appears on the screen (it doesn't need to play), your music quits playing and the video begins on the HomePod. It happens each time I utilize Twitter.

You lose Siri control amid AirPlay. Siri knows it's playing music (it can skip, respite and control volume), however it doesn't comprehend what's playing.

The music haphazardly skips or quits playing.

Siri can just control HomeKit gadgets (see list here). Huge names like Philips Hue, Ecobee, WeMo, and August are HomeKit good, yet Nest, Harmony, Roomba, Arlo and Ring aren't perfect. I'm an Apple fellow, so I've been purchasing HomeKit items only throughout the previous three years, however you're stuck in an unfortunate situation in the event that you as of now have non-perfect items in your home.

Programming (A):

Setup pauses for a moment and is like AirPod's setup. Since your iPhone as of now has your iCloud settings, you don't enter any data, simply sit tight for HomePod to set up without anyone else.

Including brilliant home embellishments, similar to lights is a breeze. Shrewd home gadgets and mechanizations are controlled in the Home application.

Various room setup is accompanying AirPlay 2 in the not so distant future.

Reward (A+):

My iPhone and Apple Watch seldom get "Hello, Siri" when I say it. Yet, HomePod's voice acknowledgment utilizes some sort of wizardry. You can have HomePod's volume at 100%, and Siri comprehends you in a typical voice. In the event that the speaker's not playing, you can nearly convey your voice to a whisper, regardless it'll get it. Siri hears me from a room away without the need to holler.

While you can't control Apple TV with your voice yet, you can AirPlay the TV's sound from Apple TV to HomePod. I adore utilizing HomePod as my TV speaker in my room (like a soundbar) in light of the fact that it works superbly for films. AirPlay remains associated with your Apple TV except if you break the association by playing music, yet it's anything but difficult to reconnect by holding down the play catch on your Apple TV remote.

In case you're stressed over protection, HomePod is your most logical option. Why? Macintosh makes the majority of their income from offering equipment (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and so on.) Amazon and Google profit through promoting and collecting your information. Amazon and Google require your information, yet Apple doesn't. All that you say before "Hello, SirI' is prepared locally on HomePod and isn't sent to Apple. When you request that Siri accomplish something, it makes a tokenized ID that is encoded end-to-end. In straightforward terms: Apple can't perceive what you're asking, and they couldn't care less.

Since Siri approaches your telephone, it can send, get, read iMessages. This won't be feasible for other computerized aides.

Google Home Max


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Sound (C):

Home Max is the loudest. Over 80% volume is awkward to my ears in case I'm tuning in a similar room.

It gives additional bass and treble, however the mid-ranges are astounding and can't be changed with the equalizer.

It doesn't sound as fresh as Sonos or HomePod. Music sounds like it's diminished or as if there's a channel over the speaker.

"Brilliant Sound" is a machine learning calculation that naturally alters the bass and treble contingent upon the earth. To me, it appears like a contrivance in light of the fact that the bass was overwhelming wherever I put the speaker.

The agreement is that Home Max sounds more regrettable than HomePod and a couple of Sonos One speakers. I concur, however that doesn't mean Home Max is awful.

You may incline toward Home Max since it's a group pleaser. It would function admirably for parties with its additional bass and commotion.

Outline (F):

It's 12 pounds, massive and unbalanced. It's too huge to put in the kitchen or on numerous bookshelves.

It's a sham Sonos Play:5's smooth outline. It looks fine from a remote place, however it's made out of less expensive materials. I'm fine with the Play:5's mass as a result of the unrivaled sound.

You can't see the touch controls to finish everything, and they don't function admirably.

You can flip the speaker to stand vertically, however it looks unbalanced, is anything but difficult to thump over and just plays mono-sound.

Voice Assistant (A+):

"O.K. Google" and "Hello, Google" are longwinded, and it can't hear with uproarious music playing, however it's a fabulous brilliant partner by and large.

Google can answer any inquiry, paying little respect to the web crawler utilized. It can even deal with follow-up questions and various demands in the meantime. Google's been a web search tool for a long time. It's their specialty, and their collaborator has the most astounding capability of all.

Google can reply up to six distinct voices, and apply inclinations (logbooks, updates, music, and so forth.) in light of who made the inquiries. The setup is consistent.

Similarity (B):

Home Max doesn't have the same number of combinations as Alexa, however it has everything the vast majority need and a larger number of reconciliations than HomePod. (Here's a rundown of accomplices).

You can't play Apple Music, yet YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, and TuneIN are accessible.

Programming (A):

The underlying setup process, and in addition including different voices, setting your inclination and arranging shrewd gadgets are miles in front of Alexa.

I like everything about the Google Home application.

Reward (C):

Home Max can control your Chromecast well, yet it can't be utilized as your TV speaker except if you go 3.5mm to 3.5mm. You'd forfeit sound quality, accommodation, and need to set an adjust delay on your TV in the event that you do this.

Amazon Echo


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Sound (F):

Music sounds thin and level with no bass. For reference, I attempted JBL Charge 3, and UE Boom 2 speakers that are in the $100 territory, and those sound superior to Echo.

You won't have any desire to utilize Echo as your essential sound framework or play music for expanded periods, however it may work in a room you utilize less as often as possible.

Outline (C+):

It's solitary six inches tall. That is altogether littler, and a striking change over the original Echo.

Reverberate has alterable texture covers that shroud the unattractive speaker gaps.

The splendid blue marker light that enlightens when Alexa's listening is useful and can be seen from over the room.

It's made of shabby materials and nothing uncommon to take a gander at, yet because of its size, it's effectively concealable.

Voice Assistant (B):

It reacts more productively than Siri, despite the fact that it can't do numerous undertakings without a moment's delay or comprehend pronouns.

You can set up various voices for individual solicitations, however it doesn't fill in and in addition Google's.

The basic wake-up flag "Alexa" is snappy and simple.

You can make "Schedules" that are set expressions to play out different errands on the double.

Similarity (B+):

There are more than 15,000 unique aptitudes in Alexa's application store, making it the most generally good savvy partner. Alexa will work with any keen home gadget accessible.

You can control Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIN, Gimme Radio, and SiriusXM by means of Alexa.

You can tune in to any music benefit with Bluetooth, yet you won't have voice control.

Programming (F):

The Alexa application is a debacle. It's difficult to explore, discover abilities and set up brilliant gadgets.

Numerous voice setup doesn't function admirably, and the voices you include must be in your "Amazon Prime Household."

Reward (F):

Amazon couldn't care less about your security and will make a decent attempt offer always. Promotions on Echo are coming, as well.

I like the effortlessness of a one syllable wake word, "Alexa" however there's an admonition. In view of its straightforwardness, it creates far more false cautions than "Hello, Google" or "Hello, Siri." Conversation between people or TV sound sets it off a couple of times each day.

For Sonos One

Sound: The sound is fresh and rich. A couple of Ones sounds superior to a HomePod.

Configuration: It's tastefully satisfying, feels well-assembled and fits anyplace.

Voice Assistant: Alexa works nearly and additionally a local Echo, and Google Assistant is just around the corner.

Similarity: It works with Alexa-perfect savvy gadgets and plays music from anyplace.

Programming: The Sonos application is awesome, however Alexa's setup and listening are fierce.

Reward: Multiroom setup is incredible. You can include and separate the same number of Sonos as you need.

For Apple HomePod

Sound: It's the best-sounding speaker at its size and cost.

Plan: It looks and feels awesome, and it's inconspicuous, ready to fit anyplace.

Voice Assistant: Siri is splendid with Apple Music and HomeKit assignments yet fizzles at everything else.

Similarity: It's just for Apple Music, and there are less HomeKit gadgets contrasted with Alexa.

Programming: Setup and controlling keen home extras in the Home application is simple.

Reward: Siri hears your voice flawlessly, and Apple doesn't keep your information.

Right hand Smarts

A decent virtual right hand can enable you to perform numerous errands around the house, so I tried each of the four speakers with an assortment of assignments:

Making Phone Calls

With the Echo, you can call or message any of your contacts, gave they likewise have the Alexa application on their cell phone, or an Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot or Echo Show. The Google Home Max gives you a chance to call any of your contacts, and in addition organizations recorded in Google's professional listing. In this way, for instance, you could state, "Call Ray's Pizza." The Google Home Max likewise gives you a chance to call numbers by talking the digits.

Neither the Apple HomePod nor the Sonos One backings voice calling; while the last has Alexa inherent, it's one of only a handful couple of constraints forced by Amazon on outsider gadgets.

Victor: Google Home Max. It doesn't confine you to calling only the general population in your contacts.

Controlling Your TV

On the off chance that you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick or an Amazon Fire-empowered TV, you can utilize the Echo or the Sonos One to control it remotely utilizing your voice. In-application Fire TV abilities for Hulu, NBC and Bravo, Showtime, Sony's PlayStation Vue and CBS All Access will likewise give you a chance to control programming inside those applications. Alexa currently additionally works with select Vizio TVs, as well.

On the off chance that you have a Chromecast-empowered gadget, for example, a savvy TV, you can utilize the Google Home Max to get Google Assistant to stream substance to the TV. Upheld channels incorporate HBO Now, Netflix, CBS, the CW and YouTube (something you can't get with Alexa).

You can utilize both Alexa and Google Assistant to control Logitech's Harmony line of general remotes. Dish clients can likewise utilize Alexa to control their Dish DVRs, tune to particular channels or look into programs by classification, performing artist, title and the sky is the limit from there. This element will likewise be taken off to Google Assistant in the coming months.

Tragically, you can't utilize Siri by means of the HomePod to control an Apple TV or some other TV source.

Victor: Google Home Max.It's really close between the Home Max and Alexa, however Chromecast is incorporated with significantly more TVs than Alexa, making it substantially more inescapable.


Both Google Assistant and Alexa let you look into schedule occasions and make new arrangements by means of the Google Home Max and the Amazon Echo and Sonos One, separately. Be that as it may, Amazon gives you a chance to interface Google, G Suite, iCloud,,or Office365 timetables, while Google Assistant works just with Google schedules. The HomePod can't read, or synchronize with, any date-books.

Victor: Amazon Echo/Sonos One. Alexa works with numerous date-books.

Requesting Pizza

Pizza is most likely my most loved nourishment, so when I have a craving for a cut, who do I swing to? I told every one of the three partners, "I need to arrange a pizza."

Siri, by means of the HomePod, proposed a few eateries, gave a rating, remove and the long periods of task. It stopped between every proposal and anticipated my consent to continue onward. Google Assistant recorded three pizza eateries close me, and after that ceased. Alexa offered to add a pizza to my Amazon truck.

Champ: Siri. Be that as it may, none proposed the best pizza put in my general vicinity.

Reserving Dinner Spot

For night out on the town with my better half, I attempted to reserve supper spot at a neighborhood eatery. To start with, attempted the HomePod, yet Siri frustrated my sentimental goals: "I wish I could, however I can't help with reservations here," she said. Both Alexa and Google Assistant utilize OpenTable to set up a reservation, yet it worked accurately just with the Google Home Max. With Alexa, the OpenTable ability continued misconstruing my demand and continued proposing the wrong eateries in towns far from where I was.

Victor: Google Home Max

Setting Timers

Both Google Assistant and Alexa let me set different clocks and name them. Siri could just set one clock at once.

Victor: Google Home Max and Amazon Echo.

Looking Into Weather

Every one of the three associates gave me genuinely precise climate reports both for the following day and additionally the end of the week, yet none specified that it would snow.

Victor: Tie

Looking into headings/sending to telephone

How would I get to the Empire State Building? Try not to ask Siri on the HomePod; it can't encourage you. Alexa gave me movement, assessed time and gave general bearings, however just Google Assistant gave particular headings and sent them to my telephone.

Champ: Google Home Max

Requesting Cat Litter

I have two felines, so I'm continually purchasing more kitty litter. When I asked each brilliant speaker where I could purchase more, the HomePod proposed neighborhood pet stores, and gave me their appraisals and times they were open. As anyone might expect, Alexa skirted neighborhood choices, and offered to add it to my Amazon truck. Google initially recommended distinctive litters from Target, which I could get conveyed through Google Express. When I didn't care for any of the choices, it offered to add it to my shopping list.

Champ: Google Home Max. I like that it gave me a large group of choices and the best adaptability when requesting.

Looking Into Recipes

A decent shrewd collaborator can likewise go about as a decent sous gourmet specialist, perusing off fixings and directions as you set up a supper. In my mission to influence a mushroom risotto, To google Assistant ended up as the winner. Despite the fact that it misspoke "risotto," it gave me the choice to peruse off fixings one by one, or skip ahead to the directions. Alexa additionally recommended a formula, and offered to send it to my telephone, yet it could just do as such when I was utilizing the Echo, and not the Sonos One. In case you're searching for Siri to help, you would be advised to get takeout. My ask for was replied with "I can't find a solution for that on HomePod."

Champ: Google Home Max and Amazon Echo.

Changing over Measurements

The greater part of the savvy speakers performed entirely well when I requesting that they change over 20 glasses into quarts. I'll give the edge to Google, since it was the main speaker that said that "it's around 5 U.S. fluid quarts," as it is anything but an exact estimation. Additionally, Alexa has an amusing method for articulating "quarts." Only Siri got stumbled up when I expressed my inquiry as, "What is 20 containers in quarts?" Her reaction: "I can't find the solution to that on HomePod."

Champ: Google Home Max.

In this round, the Google Home Max ended up as the winner, winning the vast majority of the scaled down rivalries. It was the best at looking into headings, assisting with formulas, making calls and controlling your TV. The Amazon Echo came in second, as you can complete a couple of a larger number of things with it than you can with outsider Alexa gadgets, for example, the Sonos. The HomePod came in last, as it basically can't do as much as Alexa and Google Assistant.


At $199, the Sonos One cost half as much as the Google Home Max ($399) and about as much as the Apple HomePod ($349).

Be that as it may, Sonos and Amazon are putting forth an arrangement in which you can buy two Sonos Ones for $349 — the cost of one HomePod. The Echo is the minimum costly of all, at just $99, however it has the most exceedingly bad solid quality.