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Anker Soundcore Spirit Review

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X are great games earphones, sufficiently flexible for most utilize cases. They have a better than expected form quality that feels much more top of the line than their cost would recommend. They likewise have a nice sound with a considerable measure bass, an agreeable and stable in-ear fit for the rec center, and a superior control plot than the correspondingly outlined Anker Soundbuds Curve. Shockingly, similar to the Curve, they won't be the best decision for uproarious, boisterous situations, watching films or gaming.

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Design Picture

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X have a marginally enhanced outline over the Anker SoundBuds Curve. The in-line remote and control conspire is much better with more divided out and clicky catches. The earbuds additionally look sleeker than the Curve, feel thick and solid, and are more agreeable than average in-ears. They likewise have an ear-snare outline with extra strength blades, to make them more steady to work out and running. Shockingly, the tips complete tend to slide out of your ears every once in a while, particularly amid more strenuous activities which can get somewhat irritating. They additionally have genuinely thin links that don't feel as sturdy as a portion of alternate remote in-ear/earbuds we've tried like the Bose SoundSport Wireless.


Anker Soundcore Spirit X Design Picture 2

The Anker Spirit X have a better than average looking, energetic tasteful that looks and feels more premium than their value range would propose. They have thick and adaptable ear-snares, and a more cleaned earbud outline than the Anker Curve. They likewise have a superior in-line remote. Lamentably, similar to the Curve, they likewise have thin links that don't appear as tough as a portion of the more costly remote games earphones we've tried like the Fitbit flyer. This fairly debases their outline, and they additionally don't come in the same number of shading plans as most game arranged earphones. On the upside, their downplayed look will work for most.

7.5 Comfort

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Comfort Picture

Weight : 0.05 lbs

Clipping Force

: 0 lbs

The Anker Spirit X, similar to the Curve, are very agreeable for in-ear earphones. The tips don't enter the ear channel as profoundly as most in-ears, which makes them more agreeable and expels a touch of the soreness and torment a few audience members encounter amid long listening sessions with in-ear earphones. Sadly, since they don't enter the ear waterway as profoundly, they tend to slide out of your ears at times and may should be balanced to some degree frequently, which may get somewhat irritating. It is anything but a major issue, however it's more typical while doing physical action. By and large however, these earphones will be sufficiently agreeable for generally audience members.

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7.5 Controls

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Controls Picture

Convenience : Good

Criticism : Good

Call/Music Control : Yes

Volume Control : Yes

Mouthpiece Control : No

Channel Mixing

: N/A

Clamor Canceling Control : N/A

Talk-Through : N/A

Extra Buttons : No

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X have a marginally preferable control plot over the Anker Curve. The catches are more responsive with clicky input and they're better separated out on the in-line remote. They likewise have a straightforward 3 catch setup with no extra highlights. It's a simple to-utilize and effective control conspire that gives all the fundamental capacities; call/music, track skipping, and volume controls.


8.9 Breathability

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Breathability After Picture

Avg.Temp.Difference : 1.1 C

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X, as most in-ear earphones, are extremely breathable. They have an ear-snare plan which has a larger number of purposes of contact with your ear than run of the mill in-ear models. In any case, the temperature contrast is irrelevant and won't make you sweat more than you need to amid more exceptional physical activities since they don't cover your external ear like over-ear and on-ear plans.


8.5 Portability

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Portability Picture

L : 2.1 "

W : 3 "

H : 1.2 "

Volume : 7 Cu. Inches

Stand required : N/A

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X are anything but difficult to bear on your individual and accompany a decent smaller case. Like most remote in-ear earphones, they're convenient, lightweight and you can crease them to fit into your pocket, pack, or satchel. They're somewhat bigger than direct, wired in-ear plans (since they have ear-snares), however they're still extremely compact and accompany a better than average case.


7.5 Case

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Case Picture

Sort : Hard case

L : 3.2 "

W : 3.2 "

H : 1.4 "

Volume : 14 Cu. Inches

These earphones accompany a not too bad hard case that will shield them from minor effects, scratches, and falls. In any case, the case shell isn't as hard as a portion of the other hard cases we've tried yet on the upside, it's conservative and can fit into a pocket.

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7.0 Build Quality

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Build Quality Picture

The Anker SoundBuds Spirit X have a similar form quality as the Anker Curve. They have a somewhat more cleaned earbud outline and a superior in-line remote however thin and non-replaceable links. The earbuds and ear-snares are genuinely thick and generally tough, improving them worked than most games arranged earphones in their value extend like the Senso ActivBuds S-250 or the Mee Audio X6 Plus. They're likewise more water safe, yet we still can't seem to actualize a solid and practically identical test for water obstruction without forever harming a few earphones.


8.0 Stability

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Stability Picture

The Soundcore Spirit X have a steady ear-snare configuration that is awesome for sports. They additionally have two or three solidness balances incorporated into the container that assists with the fit, which makes considerably more steady. In any case, the earbuds do slip out of your ear channel now and again particularly amid more serious action. They won't tumble from your ears yet the adjustment in the seal when they move around modifies their sound, which isn't perfect when running or working out.



Anker Soundcore Spirit X Cable Picture

Separable : No

Length : N/A

Association : N/A

The Spirit X accompany a small scale USB charging link.


Anker Soundcore Spirit X Top Picture

Headshots 1

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Angled Picture

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Side Picture

Headshots 2

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Front Picture

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Rear Picture

6.8 Sound

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Frequency Response

The Anker SoundCore Spirit X is a not too bad sounding pair of shut back in-ear earphones. They have a profound, intense and reliable bass, a reasonable and impartial mid-go, and an even and all around adjusted treble. Be that as it may, their bass is somewhat overwhelming, which might be invited by the enthusiasts of bass-substantial sorts, and their mid-extend does not have a touch of accentuation on vocals and lead instruments. On the upside, they have an incredible imaging execution, yet like most other in-ears, they don't have an expansive and speaker-like soundstage. Contrasted with the SoundBuds Curve, the Spirit X have an enhanced bass with less sloppiness, however their sound rating is essentially the same in light of the fact that the L/R drivers of our test unit were marginally confused.

8.2 Bass

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Bass

Sexually transmitted disease. Fail.

: 2.61 dB

Low-Frequency Extension

: 10 Hz


: 4.47 dB


: 2.38 dB


: 0.75 dB

The bass is awesome. Their LFE (low-recurrence augmentation) is at 10Hz, which is phenomenal. Low-bass, in charge of the pound and thunder in bass-overwhelming kinds like EDM, Hip-bounce and film scores, is overemphasized by more than 5dB. This outcomes in a considerable amount of pound and thunder, which devotees of bass may like. Mid-bass is additionally built up, however just by 3dB. High-bass, in charge of warmth is over our impartial focus by under 1dB, which is a change over the SoundBuds Curve. In general, the bass is thumpy and substantial without sounding sloppy and jumbled.

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8.7 Mid

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Mid

Sexually transmitted disease. Blunder.

: 1.76 dB


: - 1.57 dB


: - 1.99 dB


: 0.36 dB

The Anker SoundCore Spirit X have an amazing mid-run execution. The general reaction is very even and level however recessed by around 2dB. This pokes the vocals and lead instruments towards the back of the blend, by giving bass and treble more accentuation.

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7.3 Treble

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Treble

Sexually transmitted disease. Blunder.

: 4.06 dB


: 0.64 dB


: 0.55 dB


: - 8.53 dB

The treble execution is great. Low-treble is even and inside 0.65dB of our objective. Mid-treble is additionally great adjusted, however somewhat uneven somewhere in the range of 8Khz and 10KHz. This could make a portion of the sibilance (S and T sounds) marginally missing, and some different sibilances a touch too sharp. In general however, their treble reaction is great adjusted, which is critical for a decent propagation of vocals, leads, and cymbals.

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Crude Frequency Response

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Raw FR L

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Raw FR R


9.4 Frequency Response Consistency

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Consistency L

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Consistency R

Avg. Sexually transmitted disease. Deviation

: 0.12 dB

The recurrence reaction consistency is brilliant. In the event that the client can accomplish an appropriate fit and an impenetrable seal utilizing the combination of tips that accompany the earphones, at that point they ought to have the capacity to get reliable bass and treble conveyance each time they utilize the earphones.


8.3 Imaging

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Group Delay

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Phase Response

Weighted Group Delay

: 0.17

Weighted Amplitude Mismatch

: 1.79

Weighted Frequency Mismatch

: 1.76

Weighted Phase Mismatch

: 2.55

The imaging execution is great. The weighted gathering delay is at 0.17, which is low. The GD chart likewise demonstrates that the whole gathering postpone reaction is underneath the perceptibility limit. This guarantees a tight bass and a straightforward treble propagation. Moreover, the L/R drivers of our test unit were exceptionally very much coordinated, which is critical for the exact position and restriction of items (instruments, voice, strides), in the stereo picture.

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1.7 Soundstage

PRTF Accuracy (Std. Dev.)

: N/A

PRTF Size (Avg.)

: N/A

PRTF Distance

: N/A


: 4.7

Acoustic Space Excitation

: 2.3

Associated Crosstalk

: 0.0 dB

The soundstage is poor. This is on account of making an out-of-head and speaker-like soundstage is to a great extent reliant on initiating the resonances of the pinna (external ear). The plan of in-ears and earbuds is so that completely sidesteps the pinna and doesn't communicate with it. Likewise, in light of the fact that these earphones have a shut back fenced in area, their soundstage won't be seen to be as open as that of open-back earbuds like the Apple AirPods, Google Pixel Buds, or the Bose SoundSport Free.


6.4 Total Harmonic Distortion

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Distortion

Weighted THD @ 90

: 17.326

Weighted THD @ 100

: 6.152

The symphonious contortion execution of the Spirit X is fair. The measure of THD delivered in the bass range is low, which is awesome. Moreover, the THD at 100dB SPL is bring down in the bass range contrasted with the 90dB SPL. This could be because of the expansion adaptability of the driver under heavier burdens. The measure of consonant bending in the mid and treble ranges however, is somewhat lifted, which could make the sound somewhat unclean.


6.1 Isolation

The Anker SoundCore Spirit X have average disconnection. In the bass range they have no detectable separation, so the thunders of a transport or plane motors will effortlessly saturate your sound. On the upside, they do sufficiently well with higher recurrence commotion, and they have great spillage execution, so you can cover a portion of the encompassing clamor in your condition by playing your music somewhat louder without troubling the general population around you in an office setting.

5.2 Noise Isolation

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Noise Isolation

Generally speaking Attenuation

: - 13.08 dB


: - 1.79 dB


: - 14.3 dB


: - 24.43 dB


: 21.54 dB

The Anker SoundCore Spirit X have an unremarkable disengagement execution. In the bass range, where the thunder of transport and plane motors sit, they accomplish around 2dB of detachment, which is scarcely detectable. In the mid-run, critical for removing discourse, they disconnect by more than 14dB, which is better than expected. In the treble range, possessed by sharp S and T sounds, they separate by around 24dB, which is likewise better than expected.


8.0 Leakage

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Leakage

In general Leakage @ 1ft

: 33.86 dB

The spillage execution of the Spirit X is incredible. Like most other shut back in-ear, these earphones don't spill in the bass and mid-ranges. The huge bit of their spillage is in the treble range and somewhere in the range of 4KHz and 7KHz, which is a significant tight range. The general level of the spillage isn't noisy either. With the music 100dB SPL the spillage at 1 foot away midpoints at 34dB SPL and crests at around 60dB SPL, which is simply over the clamor floor of a normal office.

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6.3 Microphone


: No In-line

: Yes Boom

: No Detachable Boom

: N/A

The Anker SoundCore Spirit X have average receiver. In calm conditions, discourse recorded or transmitted with this mic will sound generally thin, and perceptibly suppressed and ailing in detail. In any case, it will even now be reasonable. In boisterous conditions, it will battle to isolate discourse from foundation clamor even in respectably noisy circumstances, similar to a bustling road.

6.3 Recording Quality

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Microphone Frequency Response

Recorded Speech





: 285.09 Hz

FR Std. Dev.

: 2.55 dB


: 3133.58 Hz

Weighted THD

: 26.997


: 45.25 dB

The amplifier has an average account quality. The LFE (low-recurrence expansion) of 285Hz means discourse recorded/transmitted with it will sound discernibly thin. The HFE (high-recurrence augmentation) of 3.1KHz is poor and results in discourse that is suppressed and ailing in detail. It additionally contrarily influences the clarity of discourse.


6.2 Noise Handling

Anker Soundcore Spirit X SpNR

Discourse + Pink Noise :



Discourse + Subway Noise :




: 14.77 dB

The in-line amplifier of the Spirit X is fair at clamor taking care of. In our SpNR test, they accomplished a discourse to-clamor proportion of 15dB, showing they are most appropriate for calm conditions and will battle to isolate discourse from encompassing commotion in direct and noisy circumstances.


5.9 Active Features

The Anker SoundCore Spirit X have fair dynamic highlights. There is no partner application accessible for them, and the sound can't be altered in any capacity dissimilar to a portion of alternate games earphones we've tried like the Jaybird X3. The battery life is somewhat shorter than the Soundbuds Curve, yet should in any case last through an average work day and can be energized decently fast on the off chance that they run out.

6.6 Battery

Battery Type

: Rechargable

Battery Life

: 11.9 hrs

Charge Time

: 1.8 hrs

Power Saving Feature

: No

Sound while charging

: No

Inactive Playback

: No

Fair battery execution. The battery endures around 12 hours, which should effortlessly last an ordinary workday. They energize moderately rapidly, however they have no power sparing element so the battery will keep on draining notwithstanding when they're not being used.

They don't bolster detached playback and can't be utilized while charging.

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0 App Support

Application Name : N/A

iOS : N/A

Android : N/A

Macintosh OS : N/A

Windows : N/A


: N/A

ANC control

: N/A

Mic Control : N/A

Room impacts

: N/A

Playback control

: N/A

Catch Mapping : N/A

Encompass Sound : N/A

The Anker Spirit X don't have any perfect buddy application.


2.7 Connectivity

The Anker SoundCore Spirit X have poor network. They don't bolster NFC and can't be matched to numerous gadgets all the while yet do recollect the last adjusted gadget. Tragically, they must be utilized remotely, and aren't good with any diversion reassures. The remote range is not too bad yet marginally more regrettable than the Anker Curve and like most Bluetooth earphones, the remote inertness is too high to watch a great deal of video substance or gaming.

6.0 Bluetooth

Bluetooth Version : 5.0

Multi-Device Pairing

: No


: No

PS4 Compatible

: No

Xbox One Compatible

: No

The SoundCore Spirit X bolster Bluetooth 5.0, yet they don't have NFC bolster and should be matched physically. We didn't test Bluetooth 5.0's double sound element.

These earphones have an intriguing component. When you begin playing music instantly in the wake of matching, the music blurs in rather than promptly going to full volume.

0 Wired

Link Tested : N/A


: N/A


: N/A

PS4 Compatible

: N/A

Xbox One Compatible

: N/A

PC Compatible

: N/A

These earphones must be utilized remote.

0 Base/Dock

Remote Type

: N/A

Optical Input

: N/A

Line In

: N/A

Line Out

: N/A

USB Input

: N/A

RCA Input

: N/A

PS4 Compatible

: N/A

Xbox One Compatible

: N/A

PC Compatible

: N/A

Power Supply

: N/A

Dock Charging

: N/A

There is no good docking station or base for these bluetooth earphones. Not at all like genuinely remote earphones there is no charging case.

7.2 Wireless Range

Hindered Range

: 30 ft

Viewable pathway Range

: 88 ft

The remote range is better than average on the Anker SoundCore Spirit X. It is somewhat more regrettable than the Anker Curve. When moving toward the external furthest reaches of the range, the blur in include makes these earphones relatively unusable, as they continue blurring in and out each time they lose the association for a short minute, so the general volume is low.

Our testing isn't presently ready to exploit the new highlights of Bluetooth 5.0. In the event that you have a perfect gadget (e.g. iPhone 8, 8+, X; Samsung Galaxy S8), your range may be superior to anything what we tried.

2.1 Latency

Default Latency

: 200 ms

aptX Latency

: N/A

aptX(LL) Latency

: N/A

The Anker Spirit X have high inactivity and are unsatisfactory for watching recordings. The dormancy is somewhat more terrible than the Anker Curve. They likewise don't bolster the aptX codec.

In the container

Anker Soundcore Spirit X In the container Picture

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Headphones

Earbud tips (x5)

Steadiness balances (x3)

Link administration cut

USB charging link

Conveying case


Contrasted with different Headphones

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Compare Picture

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X are tolerably adaptable remote games earphones. They have a stable and sweatproof ear-snare plan with extra steadiness balances. They likewise have a long 12hr battery life and a better than expected sound quality that packs a ton of bass. They're lightweight and versatile and shockingly all around intended at their spending cost. Sadly, despite the fact that they are steady, the earbuds tips complete tend to slip out of your ear trenches every now and then, which can be somewhat irritating.
Anker SoundBuds Sport


The Anker SoundBuds SpiritX are better in-ears by and large when contrasted with the Soundbuds Sport. The Spirit X have better solid quality, a more steady and sturdy outline for sports and they're much more sweatproof than the Anker Sports. The Spirit X additionally have better control plot an any longer battery life, that endures more than twice the length of the SoundBuds Sports. Then again, the Sport are bit more versatile and have better clamor confining in-ear fit so they're more reasonable for boisterous conditions and driving.

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Jaybird X2


The Jaybird X2 are a superior games earphone and headset in general than the Anker SoundCore Spirit X. The X2 have an additionally separating in-ear fit that is better for uproarious conditions and driving. They additionally have a marginally more versatile outline since they don't have ear-snares like the Ankers. The Ankers, then again, are more steady on account of those ear snares. They likewise have a more extended battery life and a more agreeable in-ear fit than the Jaybird X2.

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Jaybird Freedom


The Jaybird Freedom are somewhat better and more adjustable games earphones than the Anker Soundcore Spirit X. They sound more keen out-of-the-container when contrasted with the Ankers however on account of the Jaybird MySound App, you can EQ them to more readily coordinate your listening inclinations. They have a superior remote range and manufacture quality, with a more sturdy link and a more premium looking outline. Be that as it may, they are not as steady since they don't have the advantage of ear snares and their battery life is fundamentally more regrettable thinking of you as need to utilize the cumbersome charging cut on the off chance that you need to get over 4 long stretches of nonstop tuning in. Additionally, in the event that you lose the charging cut, you won't have the capacity to charge the earphones, which might be a major issue for a few.

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SoundPeats Q9A


The Soundpeats Q9A are a better than average option in contrast to the Anker Soundcore Spirit X with a comparative execution for sports. In any case, they don't feel also fabricated or as premium, and their sound quality is somewhat less adjusted and doesn't pack a profound pounding bass like the ankers which some may lean toward particularly at the rec center. They're not worked too and aren't as water safe. The SoundPeats are marginally less expensive than the Ankers yet additionally perform somewhat more regrettable in many classifications and have a shorter battery life. So except if you're on a tight spending plan, go for the Soundcore Spirit X.

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Analyze Side-by-Side See our audit Right

Analyze Side-by-Side See our audit Right

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6.7Mixed Usage

Better than average for blended utilization. The Anker Soundcore Spirit X are sufficiently adaptable for most utilize cases, aside from home theater and gaming, since they are Bluetooth just earphones with genuinely high inertness. On the upside, they're an incredible choice for sports on account of their steady, minimal and remote ear-snare plan. They likewise have a long 12hr battery life and a nice form quality, that feels much more premium than their value extend. Be that as it may, they don't feel as sturdy as a portion of the more costly remote in-ears we've tried since they have thin links. Their sound quality additionally has a lot bass for more basic audience members however ought to be adequate for generally audience members.

6.9Critical Listening

Not too bad for basic tuning in. They have a somewhat bass substantial sound that will overwhelm a few instruments and vocals in the midrange, in any case, whatever remains of their sound propagation is genuinely all around adjusted. Their mid-run is generally level, so instruments won't sound too forward or recessed, despite the fact that they will be somewhat jumbled because of the accentuated bass range. They don't sound as sharp as a portion of the other in-ears we've tried and fanatics of bass will appreciate the additional pound and thunder these earphones deliver, particularly while working out at the exercise center. Lamentably, they have little shut earbuds that can't make an offer roomy soundstage. This implies they won't be the best earphones for more basic audience members however should sound sufficient for most, particularly in the event that you like somewhat bass.

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Good earphones for driving or voyaging. They have unremarkable confinement that isn't great at lessening the thunder of a transport/prepare/plane motor, yet will decrease the jabber around you. They have an average sound that is most appropriate for bass-overwhelming types. They have brilliant breathability, and there ought to be no issues wearing them for longer drives.

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Great earphones for games and wellness utilize. They have an ear-snare plan that is awesome for sports. Notwithstanding amid extraordinary developments they shouldn't tumble off, however the seal isn't flawless so the sound changes a bit as they move, which isn't awesome for running. They are agreeable for longer exercises, and they inhale well. They are extremely smaller earphones that are anything but difficult to bear, yet they are somewhat bigger than valid in-ear because of the ear-snares. They deliver a not too bad stable that is more qualified for bass-substantial sorts.

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Not too bad earphones for office utilize. They have average detachment yet a decent spillage execution. You can tune in to your music at higher volumes, without irritating your colleagues and they are an agreeable in-ear fit and a long battery life that will effortlessly last a common workday.

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5.3Home Theater

Baffling earphones for home auditorium utilize. The sound is tolerable, and voices are clear, yet vocals aren't accentuated and could be lost in the overwhelming bass. As these are Bluetooth remote earphones, they can't be utilized wired and have too high inertness, so the sound is out-of-adjust with what is appeared on your screen. They are agreeable and can be worn for longer periods without issue.

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Below average earphones for gaming. They are agreeable and can be worn for long gaming sessions without getting excessively hot. They deliver not too bad solid and the bass is somewhat overstated which can be beneficial for a few recreations. They must be utilized remote, and they have excessively dormancy. They have a fair in-line mic that works for gaming, yet won't give the best vocals. They can't be utilized with any gaming comforts without a unique connector.