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Checkout Nvidia Shield Android TV 16GB review

We develop our home stimulation frameworks for the most ideal motion picture/television and gaming encounters, and the rundown of hardware sitting under the screen tends to mount up rapidly simultaneously. Of late, some set-top boxes have endeavored to thin down the rundown of associated boxes by offering basic interactivity alongside spilling motion pictures and TV. The Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV both play essential diversions, however they could not hope to compare to powerhouses like a PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, or a gaming PC. They basically aren't sufficiently intense to offer gamers a rich ordeal while likewise conveying all the spilling content accessible today. Nvidia expects to change that.
Nvidia Shield 16gb Android TV

In case you're not kidding about gaming, and don't effectively claim a gushing box, at that point Nvidia's Shield TV might be what you're searching for.

Out of the case

The Shield TV comes bundled in a smooth turning box that opens upward to uncover a two-layered plastic inside. The best retire holds the Shield itself, while the lower one houses the controller, HDMI, power, and USB charging link. There are likewise guarantee and setup guides incorporated into the case.

Nvidia Shield 16gb Android TV

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

The Shield TV is littler than present day gaming comforts, and absolutely littler than even the smallest gaming PC, yet it's bigger than practically every other gushing box available. Furthermore, the reassure itself is a fascinating looking gadget. Most gushing boxes are only that: containers. Be that as it may, the Shield highlights balance, converging edges in the two its engineering and the style complements on the gadget itself. Certainly, it's still only a crate, however it's an outwardly capturing one. Simply don't plan to stack anything on it.

The Shield TV's real offering point is its capacity to play and stream PC diversions to your lounge room TV, which it does.

The included HDMI and power supply links are sufficient and ought to give enough length to fit in most amusement room setups. The USB charging link for the controller is truly little, be that as it may; you won't play and charging your controller in the meantime if your sofa and your Shield are at inverse finishes of the room. To do as such, you'll have to purchase a more drawn out, USB-to-USB-Micro link.

On the OS side of things, Shield TV runs the most recent form of Android Nougat, which implies the interface ought to be genuinely natural to the vast majority. Google's own applications utilize their Android TV partners, while most others — like Netflix or Vudu — appear to be like what you'd find on diversion supports or other gushing boxes. nVidia's various gaming "applications" have been blended into a solitary "diversions" screen that likewise incorporate the Android TV amusements application. This works generally well, and makes getting to your introduced diversions simple, yet it can get confounding when juggling between different screens.


Snaring the Shield to your TV is a straightforward procedure: connect the included power connector to the back of the Shield and discover a divider jack, at that point connect the included HDMI link to the TV and the container. Alternatively, you can associate the shield to your system by means of Ethernet, which we prescribe. The better your web association, the better the Shield TV performs, so a hardwired Ethernet association is ideal. All things considered, the Shield additionally works with Wi-Fi.

Nvidia Shield 16gb Android TV

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

The bundle accompanies a USB link to charge the controller, which you will probably need to do before you're ready to utilize it remotely.

Gaming Performance

The real offering purpose of the Shield TV is its capacity to play and stream amusements, and it does this great. There are three distinctive ways the Shield TV can play amusements (and accordingly, three unique libraries). You can stream an amusement from the cloud through nVidia's GeForceNOW benefit; stream from your PC utilizing the GeForce Experience programming; or play recreations introduced on the Shield TV's 16GB of worked away by means of the Google Play store.

The controller is acceptable, yet there's more opportunity to get better than we're upbeat to report.

Of these, the most dependable is playing diversions introduced straightforwardly on the gadget. The Google Play Store has a decent number of controller-empowered recreations accessible for procurement, and additionally allowed to-play titles. These won't be AAA blockbusters, yet there are a few jewels, including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, The Walking Dead, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and a bunch of great Final Fantasy titles. These amusements all perform extremely well on the Shield TV's Tegra X1 chip, and we never kept running into any major graphical hang ups. The main problem we had playing Android amusements on the Shield is that many utilize touchscreen control prompts rather than diversion controller prompts. This is a minor if irritating bother, yet it feels odd given how great our experience playing Android recreations on Shield TV was something else.

Nvidia Shield 16gb Android TV

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Remember that the Shield TV just has 16GB of capacity, which is little, particularly considering most cell phones have more stockpiling than that (note: there is a 500GB variant of the Shield TV accessible for $300). We didn't keep running into quite a bit of an issue with this in half a month of testing, however you may find that you have to erase recreations to prepare for others after some time.


Rather than a remote like you would discover with most other spilling gadgets and set-top boxes, the Shield TV comes standard with just a computer game controller. The general plan isn't not at all like a Xbox One controller, yet with parallel thumbstick position much like a DualShock 4. This may put off some who are just keen on a 4K streamer for motion pictures and TV, as controllers are frequently overpowering or befuddling to non-gamers. So, application and menu route with the Shield controller is straightforward, and the volume controls and quick forward/stop/rewind are for the most part obviously named, making for a natural affair.

Nvidia Shield 16gb Android TV

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

While fine to explore applications or playing recordings, the controller's execution as a gaming controller is disappointing. [Note: another controller was set aside a few minutes of this written work, and ships standard with the present Shield TV display. Notwithstanding, we have not had an opportunity to run hands-on with it, and hence should make our judgment in view of the equipment we were provided.]

The greatest grievance we have about the Shield TV controller is its low-quality catches: The face catches and dpad are soft, the activity on the triggers and shoulder catches is reprehensibly poor, the touch-capacitive catches are anything but difficult to coincidentally press amid interactivity, and the volume catches are clicky and feel shoddy. The simple sticks are the main redeeming quality — they're essentially Xbox stays with the parallel design of a PlayStation DualShock. There was no float or deadzone, and the strain was steady. The weight is great, and the size is better than average, yet the shape isn't perfect. Notwithstanding when spilling recreations to the Shield TV on a solid, stable association, despite everything we had a feeling that we were wrestling against the controller.


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This isn't to state the controller doesn't work by any means. A lot of diversions, for example, Final Fantasy IX or Oceanhorn — the two of which include less saddling interactivity and in this manner don't require exact catch input — played consummately fine, and we could check in some genuine time with Borderlands and No Man's Sky with just a touch of cerebral pain — or handache, so to speak.

Actually there are workarounds to interface Bluetooth controllers like the DualShock 4 to the Shield, which would reduce the issues of the Shield TV controller, however this requires a level of expertise and want to investigate that surpasses what the general client will be OK with. You're likely stayed with the standard controller. It's acceptable, however there's more opportunity to get better than we're content with.


It's conspicuous we have some genuine second thoughts about the controller, however as a rule, we making the most within recent memory with the Shield TV a considerable amount. As a set-top streamer, the Shield TV will furnish you with 4K HDR substance and all the famous applications you could need. Yet, at $200, it doesn't bode well to work exclusively as a streamer; as a gaming fringe, it better legitimizes the cost. The system prerequisites might be high, however amusement gushing functions admirably under perfect conditions, and its Tegra X1 chip will handle any diversions accessible on Google Play. It won't (and shouldn't) supplant your PC, however it's as a great fringe and a decent answer for convey your PC to your lounge TV.

Cloud Streaming

For those taking a gander at that 16GB limit and thinking about how the Shield TV could introduce, not to mention play, the most recent amusements — which frequently tip the scales at least 60gb — the appropriate response is its gushing highlights, GeForceNOW and nVidia GameStream.
With GeForceNOW, you can buy an extensive variety of the most recent amusements, which would then be able to be played by means of distributed computing. Likewise, a $7.99 month to month membership opens up a monster library of free recreations, including Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hitman: Absolution, and Borderlands. The diversions accessible with the membership show are great — some even extraordinary — however most are quite a while old, so don't hope to pay a couple of dollars every month and be offered access to the most as of late discharged titles.

It won't supplant your PC, yet it functions as a decent answer for playing your PC on your lounge room TV.

On the execution side of things, GeForceNOW can stream amusements with up to indistinguishable execution and visual quality from a committed gaming console. The administration additionally offers the capacity to play amusements through the cloud with remote GTX 1060 or GTX 1080 levels of value, however it's quite costly; following a free eight long stretches of play time, the value jumps to $25 for 20 hours with a 1060, or for 10 hours with a 1080. This requires a vigorous association or your experience will experience the ill effects of inertness, faltering, and visual constancy misfortune. It's a cool element, yet we wouldn't prescribe paying that much to play.

At long last, those with a gaming PC in their home can utilize nVidia GameStream to stream recreations. The setup is simple, yet takes a couple of ventures on both the Shield and your PC to empower the association. Once the frameworks are connected, your whole PC library ends up open to you to play through the Shield. This was likely our most loved approach to play. The Shield remaps the console and mouse controls to your Shield controller in natural ways, yet you can remap catch contributions to suit your necessities. Diversion execution will for the most part be subject to your PC's equipment, yet we saw an obvious contrast in input inactivity with specific recreations, most eminently Crysis 3 (which is pretty asset substantial at any rate).

Nvidia Shield 16gb Android TV

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Regardless of whether you're spilling by means of GeForceNOW or from your own PC, an exceptionally hearty Ethernet association is an unquestionable requirement. We tried over both Wi-Fi and Ethernet to get a feeling of what ongoing interaction would resemble in each case. While playing over Wi-Fi is actually conceivable, we encountered serious bundle misfortune, which implies awful dormancy, stammering, screen tearing, input slack, and graphical loyalty misfortune — in straightforward terms, your diversions will look terrible, and control far and away more terrible.

We likewise found that playback would drop completely, abruptly, should the association turn out to be excessively insecure or bomb in serious occurrences. The Shield TV can be an awesome method to play diversions, yet in the event that you esteem exactness and execution, guarantee your system can deal with the pressure. If not, it might be best to stay with your gaming PC or settle on a committed comfort.

Spilling Video Performance

Much like with spilling recreations, picture quality for recordings on the Nvidia Shield relies upon the quality of your association and the capacity of your TV or show.

Indeed, even outside of its 4K HDR abilities, the Shield TV is a well-performing spilling gadget.

In any case, it's as yet advantageous to think about that with the latest refresh to the Shield TV's firmware, the framework is presently equipped for 4K HDR video spilling. You'll discover 4K and HDR content in the applications you'd expect, for example, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and Vudu. Once more, the final product is halfway dependent on factors outside the Shield TV's equipment, however the very competent Tegra X1 chip handles the application end remaining task at hand to a great degree well, rapidly getting to the chose substance and starting streams with negligible load time.

Indeed, even outside of its 4K HDR capacities, the Shield TV is a well-performing spilling gadget. Exploring the home interface and different applications are simple, and finding the substance you need is basic. Content and voice look function admirably, and pull from content over any appropriate applications introduced. We found the voice acknowledgment and voice directions to work dependably, and once in a while did we need to rehash or re-attempt looks.

Is there a superior option?

The Shield TV is great at spilling both 4K video and recreations from the cloud and your own PC. Be that as it may, for all intents and purposes each other video-just gushing gadget is less expensive. We're fanatics of the Roku Premiere+, for instance, which offers 4K and HDR at just $95 bucks. On the opposite side, the Shield is just somewhat less expensive than devoted gaming reassures that are unquestionably skilled, and have more extensive libraries all alone. The PS4 Pro might be $430, yet you can get another Sony PS4 Slim for under $300. And afterward there's the new Nintendo Switch, which is simply $300 and offers a passel of fascinating highlights. In the event that you just arrangement to complete one of these two capacities, you're in an ideal situation getting a committed gadget.

To what extent will it last?

With just 16GB of interior stockpiling, in case you're introducing huge amounts of applications or amusements specifically into memory, you will come up short on space soon. Now, most cell phones have more stockpiling than this Shield TV display. You'll likely need to redesign the controller when conceivable, as well. Be that as it may, the genuine equipment is well assembled, and feels very durable. Anticipate that it will keep going for a considerable length of time.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

There are a few admonitions, however indeed, the Shield TV is a decent 4K streamer and awesome approach to play your PC diversions. In addition, it spares you the spinal pain of hauling your gaming rig into the family room.