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Corsair Void Pro RGB Review

This remote headset from Corsair has a smooth and in vogue outline with programmable LEDs — henceforth, the RGB in the item name. Nonetheless, this headset is missing a lot of substance under everything that style, conveying an unremarkable appearing in our sound quality tests and a substandard one in our mic quality assessments. Over that, it isn't especially agreeable to wear for significant lots of time and is a bit on the expensive side, thinking about its dull execution. It may be worth getting in the event that you completely must have all Corsair mark assistants to have the lighting match over your apparatus and have cash to save, yet else, we would very prescribe thinking about elective items.

The Corsair Void Pro RGB is the follow-up to Corsair's Void RGB headset, which ups the sound and recording quality while bringing 7.1 encompass sound and adaptable RGB lighting, which is extremely popular right now.

It's a remote headset that gives you the opportunity of development you'd expect that originates from discarding the lines – however does this flexibility come to the detriment of sound quality? We gave it a spin to discover.

The Corsair Void Pro RGB costs £109.99/$99.99/AU$159), which is obviously expensive for a headset, in spite of the fact that contrasted with any semblance of the Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 (£219.99/$270/AU$360) and the Razer ManO'War ($169, about £155, AU$330), which sit on our best PC gaming headset show, it doesn't appear to be very as eye-watering.


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Corsair positions the Void Pro RGB as a superior headset (with a sticker price to match), and its plan positively makes a top notch impression, with an outline that, will pleasantly downplayed, should even now please gamers on account of its RGB lighting.

The vibe of the headset isn't exactly as premium, however, with a plastic outline that does not have the vigorous feel of costly headsets like the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless. In any case, it means the Corsair Void Pro RGB weighs not as much as a portion of its rivals, making it more agreeable to wear for long gaming sessions.

While the outside is plastic, it highlights metal columns that make the Corsair Void Pro RGB feel like a strong headset that won't break effortlessly, and cushioning on the ear-glasses, and on the band that goes over the highest point of your head, help make this an extremely agreeable headset to wear.

The Corsair Void Pro RGB comes in both wired and remote variants, and you can look over a scope of hues. The glasses sit serenely over your ears, and every ha an illuminated Corsair logo which can be arranged by means of programming to shine in an assortment of hues and to coordinate your gaming setup (as basically every gaming PC, PC, segment or fringe nowadays has RGB lighting).

While it's the Corsair logo that gets the shining treatment on these jars, it's a sufficiently decent logo, and Corsair is a regarded mark in PC gaming, so that shouldn't put an excessive number of individuals off.

On the left-hand can sits a mic arm that can be brought and raised down to kill the mic on and. It's a decent touch, as putting the arm into the up position quiets the mouthpiece. The headset additionally cautions you through a sound when the mic is raised and brought down, so you're informed regarding when the mic is on or off. The mic can likewise be balanced somewhat by twisting the arm, so you can tweak its situation for ideal account quality.

Likewise on the left side is a catch for quieting the mic, a power catch for exchanging the headset on, and a small scale USB port for charging the headset. Generally speaking, the Corsair Void Pro RGB is a pleasantly composed headset that figures out how to offset an a la mode outline with gaming style like RGB lighting.


Setting up the Corsair Void Pro RGB is quite clear, as it doesn't require an outside amp. We tried the remote variant, and we should have simply the transmitter (which resembles a USB memory stick) into a USB port and turn on the headset, which at that point matched in a split second.

Windows 10 perceived the Corsair Void Pro RGB when we connected to the remote connector, and we additionally introduced the Corsair Utility Engine programming.

This product gives you a chance to alter the settings of the Corsair Void Pro, and in addition tweak its lighting settings. There aren't a tremendous measure of customization choices, however you can pick the shading from a wide range, and additionally the impact, (for example, fast squints, moderate breathing, and that's only the tip of the iceberg). On the off chance that you have other Corsair items, for example, the ST100 RBG stand or K95 RGB console, you can likewise arrange them by means of this application.

Sound quality


Sound quality is the most imperative factor with regards to headsets, and in this regard the Corsair Void Pro RGB doesn't baffle, particularly considering its cost and the way that it's a remote headset pointed basically at gamers. Gaming headsets will regularly focus on conveying skull-rattling low tones to make blasts and other activity scenes feel more 'impactful', yet the Corsair Void Pro RGB is truly very much adjusted, with non-gaming media, for example, music, coming through well.

Obviously, as the EQ settings in the Corsair Utility Engine programming appear, this is fundamentally a gaming headset, so the EQ presets are altogether gone for gaming, aside from one that is for motion pictures. On the off chance that you need a headset fundamentally to tune in to music, at that point this most likely isn't the best decision.

Gaming-wise, the Corsair Void Pro RGB performed splendidly, with punchy and striking sound and a decent utilization of virtual encompass sound; a frenzied weapon fight in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was made unmistakably immersive by the hints of slugs flying past as we played. Volume can be controlled by means of a dial on the left earphone can, and the mic completed a great job of conveying discourse both amid ongoing interaction and on video calls, while additionally downplaying foundation commotion.

In any case, we found that occasionally when we brought down the mic arm the amplifier wouldn't turn on, which prompted a touch of fiddling around in Windows' sound settings and killing the headset on and once more.

Battery life was great. There's an auto-shutdown highlight that turns the Corsair Void Pro RGB off when not being used, and we once in a while got ourselves unfit to utilize the headset because of a dead battery – you simply need to make sure to connect it to the USB. The Corsair ST100 headset stand can be utilized related to the Corsair Void Pro RGB, with the RGB lighting coordinating up between the two gadgets.

In the event that you need to bet everything on the Corsair biological system the stand is a pleasant backup to the Corsair Void Pro RGB, despite the fact that it doesn't do particularly separated from holding your headset while looking lovely, and furthermore going about as a USB center. It has a 7.1 virtual encompass processor for adding that impact to different earphones (which can be connected to by means of a sound jack), despite the fact that on the off chance that you have the Corsair Void Pro RGB you won't require that element.

We found that the Void Pro RGB's remote range was great, covering basically the majority of the huge room we were utilizing it in, in spite of the fact that it lost association when we went into another room.

There are additionally forms of the Void Pro RGB that accompany wires, either USB or simple, so on the off chance that you would prefer not to stress over battery life or range, they might be more reasonable.

In general, the sound quality was great, with a convincing 7.1 virtual encompass sound usage.

We preferred

The Corsair Void Pro RGB is an attractive remote gaming headset, and on the off chance that you have many Corsair items as of now, it will fit in well. Sound quality is likewise great, and the virtual encompass sound is a nice impact that can help make diversions more immersive.

We didn't care for

There wasn't much we didn't care for about this headset, the main grievances being that occasionally the mic didn't turn on naturally when the arm was brought down, and that the RGB lighting is constrained to the two Corsair logos. Be that as it may, these are moderately minor dissensions.

Last decision

Generally speaking, we were extremely inspired with the Corsair Void Pro RGB. It offered great sound quality for amusements and films, and the virtual encompass sound was all around actualized. Recording quality through the mic was likewise great, making this an extraordinary headset for speaking with partners, and notwithstanding to complete a spot of livestream broadcasting.

The sound quality, and different EQ profiles, are quite diversion orientated, which won't be an issue on the off chance that you simply need to utilize this headset for playing recreations. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need a headset essentially to tune in to music on, while simply appreciating the odd burst of gaming, at that point you might be in an ideal situation investigating something from our best earphones of 2018 rundown.

In case you're a dedicated gamer with various Corsair items officially sitting around your work area you'll be extremely satisfied with the Corsair Void Pro RGB, particularly considering its moderately low value contrasted with other gaming headsets.

This headset completed comfortable base of the gathering, having one of the most minimal scores — and one of the higher sticker prices. It just beat some particularly modest rebate headsets and has far to go as far as upgrades to be in the running for a honor.
Execution Comparison

To score these items and select the best gaming headsets, we purchased all the best models available and tried their execution one next to the other, concentrating particularly on their solace, sound and mouthpiece quality, and usability, with the Corsair Void Pro's outcomes in these tests depicted underneath.

The Void Pro felt free on our heads.

The Void Pro felt free on our heads.


Our analyzers weren't excited with the execution of the Void Pro RGB in our solace tests, granting it a pitiful 5 out of 10. This metric records for 40% of the aggregate score for every headset, fundamentally harming its general outcome.

Our board of analyzers was equally part on this headset, with half evaluating this headset as worthy to wear for 7 to 8 hours, while the other half threw in the towel following 1 or 2 hours. Both the cushioning of the headband and the ear glasses are canvassed in microfiber work, which never felt sweat-soaked or sticky, notwithstanding when playing for extensive stretches of time in a war room — a characteristic we massively refreshing on sweltering summer days.

The Void Pro RGB felt free on the majority of our analyzer's heads.

The Void Pro RGB felt free on the majority of our analyzer's heads.

Be that as it may, this headset sits considerably additionally forward on your head, focusing the majority of the weight towards the front of your head and once in a while making an awkward measure of weight.

The Void Pro tied for heaviest headset at 13 3/8 oz.

The Void Pro tied for heaviest headset at 13 3/8 oz.

Also, this is one of the heaviest headsets we have tried, tipping the scales at right around 13.5 ounces. The ear mugs have abundant room and sit very free on your head, however the more forward position can cause the highest point of the ear mugs to cut your ear and apply bothersome weight, particularly on the off chance that you have a bigger head or ears.

Gaming sessions can last throughout the day. Ear container and headband configuration is vital.

Gaming sessions can last throughout the day. Ear container and headband configuration is vital.

Peculiarly enough, this headset isn't especially appropriate for gamers with littler heads, as there isn't a huge amount of modification in the headband for the littler side of the head range. This free fit additionally makes it simple to coincidentally knock off the headset from unexpected developments.

The Void Pro didn't inspire us with its normal sound.

The Void Pro didn't inspire us with its normal sound.


Our suite of sound assessments came next as far as significance, responsible for 30% of the last score for every one of the gaming headsets. We thought about and scored the voice and music nature of every item, and in addition how it performed in an arrangement of benchmarking tests and how effortlessly we could recognize the areas of in-amusement sounds. The Corsair again neglected to inspire, procuring another 5 out of 10 for its dreary execution.

Voice doesn't go over especially well with this headset, with our partners' voices running over void and echoey, adding gravelly undercurrents to their voice that unquestionably is absent, in actuality. It charges somewhat better with music, with the treble and mid-go tones running over sufficiently well, however the bass is observably powerless and washed out. This is especially clear subsequent to playing out our bass quality benchmarking test, with there being huge amounts of parasitic buzz. The Void Pro did similarly ineffectively in our driver coordinating test, with the sound attempting to stay focused and veering off as we experienced the higher recurrence extend. It did the best of the remote headsets in the binaural benchmarking test, yet it misses the mark concerning the practical tones and areas created by the wired models.

Be that as it may, this headset made complete an OK showing with regards to with our in-diversion positional tests. Our board effectively distinguished where the two strides and gunfire was originating from around 70% of the time — a marginally better than expected number.

The mic quality wasn't extremely great.

The mic quality wasn't extremely great.


Next, we made a decision about the execution of the amplifier of every item, which establishes one-fifth of the general score. The Void Pro RGB fell very level, justifying a 4 out of 10 for its substandard appearing. We took a gander at both how well it sifted through foundation commotions and how obviously it got your voice.

The chronicles of our voices sounded incredibly unnatural and twisted — very a long way from genuine — yet at any rate there wasn't any fluff. We enjoyed that this headset doesn't make "T"s sound especially brutal, however weren't enthusiasts of the way that it is amazingly sibilant. By and large however, it was the peculiar voice bending that extremely hurt this current headset's score.

We truly appreciated the lift to quiet on the Void Pro however you can likewise press a catch on the headset in the event that you lean toward.

We truly delighted in the lift to quiet on the Void Pro, however you can likewise press a catch on the headset in the event that you lean toward.

The Corsair Void Pro completes a normal occupation at sifting through non-voice foundation clamors, neglecting to get a mechanical console and just faintly getting a fan on low. In any case, it quite often will get a side discussion — a genuine bummer, on the off chance that you play in a territory where there are visit side discussions.

To charge the Void Pro you utilize the included miniaturized scale USB string.

To charge the Void Pro you utilize the included miniaturized scale USB string.


For our last arrangement of tests, we made a decision about the simplicity and ease of use of every headset, which is in charge of the last 10% of the aggregate score. The Void Pro vindicated itself a small sum, procuring a 6 out of 10 for its marginally better than expected accommodation factor.

The Void Pro has straightforward simple to utilize controls.

The Void Pro has straightforward simple to utilize controls.

This headset has controls on the earphones for both quieting the receiver and modifying the volume.

You can utilize the wheel to change the volume.

You can utilize the wheel to modify the volume.

Furthermore, we additionally loved that you can quiet the mic by completely lifting it off the beaten path — a helpful element on the off chance that you have to rapidly quiet the mic.

A few headsets have a program where you can modify your equalizer settings.

A few headsets have a program where you can tweak your equalizer settings.

Being remote, you have generally boundless versatility contrasted with the wired headsets, yet the charging link is a bit on the short side on the off chance that you attempt and wear it while it is charging. The mic isn't separable, yet you can empower a sidetone for it.


The Corsair Void Pro is a poor decision if shopping on a tight spending plan, blending a fair execution with a higher than normal sticker price.


In general, we weren't fanatics of this item and think that its difficult to prescribe, particularly when the extraordinarily solid appearing from equivalently valued headsets is considered. You can get a portion of the best headsets around at a similar cost, but without the capacity to program the RGB LEDs to coordinate whatever remains of your setup.