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Guide: Top 15 USB Headsets

Present day headsets have a USB plug that can be associated with the USB port of PCs. On account of this setup, theBest USB Headsets in 2018 sound isn't prepared through the PC's sound card but instead utilizing the headset's own particular sound handling framework. That is the reason you can acquaint other sound gadgets with your PC in the meantime, which is valuable for such an event where you need to play music. The sound quality is likewise better than simple headsets, particularly due to a more secure and stable association through USB plug. There is likewise commotion dropping element in USB headsets that will counteract bending. The USB plug availability are additionally wanted to those earphones with 3.5 mm jack network, significantly more so on the grounds that numerous makers these days are eliminating the requirement for 3.5 mm earphone jack. Look at our entire guide about the best bluetooth headsets under 50.
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Who Are USB Headsets For?

Any individual who is searching for a decent quality sound without commotion and bending can profit by this kind of headset, asBest USB Headsets in 2018 well as the individuals who might want to communicate with their PC without aggravating other individuals in a similar live with them by utilizing a speaker. The application ranges from a person to a private venture or a major organization. We have additionally composed an entire guide about the best virtual reality headsets.


The gaming network is immense and in the event that you have ever observed them play, almost each and every one of them is utilizing a headset. Particularly with MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), a player would require a blend of an earphone and a mouthpiece as they have to speak with different players. As MMORPG is additionally once in a while played with numerous players in a similar room, regardless of whether it is between colleagues or restricting groups, they are in a desperate requirement for a commotion dropping element which USB headsets give. They can likewise have a free utilization of the two hands as they don't need to hold the mouthpiece as it is coordinated to the earphone.


One of the best purchasers of USB headsets is the individuals who need to do transcriptions. It is exceptionally helpful particularly when they work with a cutting edge discourse acknowledgment framework to decipher the transcription. These days, this sort of discourse acknowledgment frameworks have a high exactness level. A perfect sound feed and an unmistakable elocution will expand the exactness, also. Besides, USB headsets have an amplifier which position can be acclimated to give a decent quality flag and make the correspondence procedure much more agreeable.

VoIP Telephony and Unified Communications

At this day and age, speaking with associates or clients is for the most part not done by method for phone any longer yet rather a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone frameworks and applications. This is an exceptionally normal business rehearse that is finished by organizations everywhere throughout the globe. All things considered, most organizations that require an overwhelming utilization of PC communication normally utilize USB headsets so as to facilitate the procedure while giving more proficiency and solace to the representatives. USB handsets are frequently furnished with their own volume and mouthpiece affectability controls, and additionally a free catch to quiet or hold a call in order to sound more expert to clients.Best USB Headsets in 2018


In spite of the fact that USB headsets might not have the sound quality imperative of completing an expert portrayal work, it can take into account a more common consequence of the voiceover. It tends to be utilized in numerous occurrences, for example, the production of preparing recordings or an illustrative substance to a slideshow of pictures. You can obviously spare the outcome as a video document.

What number of Different Variants of USB Headsets Are There?

There are three fundamental adaptations of USB headsets, each with their own particular upsides and downsides. Obviously, your proposed use for the headset additionally assumes a noteworthy job in picking the correct kind of USB headsets for you. The first is the most well-known sort of USB headsets found in the market. It has two earpieces and a receiver, with both incorporated in one section. This sort of USB headset will deliver the most elevated sound quality contrasted with the other two composes as it constrains the obstruction made by encompassing clamor or sounds that originate from your environment.

The second kind is a USB headset with a mouthpiece and one earpiece on a section. Presumably you regularly observe this kind of USB headset in an office setting, for example, at a call place for a business. The particular earpiece enables the client to hear the encompassing clamor. It is additionally somewhat less demanding to wear and may be more agreeable in light of the fact that it is lighter in weight. Sound playback is still empowered in this headset compose, anyway it is constrained to mono sounds

The last USB headset compose is where the earpieces are in-ear earphones. This gadget is the lightest among the three USB headset composes and it tends not to hinder or occupy the client. The sound quality is great and is outfitted with an incorporated amplifier in the link. The scale back is maybe the way that the receiver is in the link so the client need to hold it up in the event that they need their discourse to be seen all the more plainly.

What Should You Be Looking For in a USB Headset?

Prior to making a buy, these are the things you should need to investigate or think about with the goal that you can wind up Best USB Headsets in 2018with the best USB headset for your particular need.

Sound Quality

The lucidity of the sound created by the earphones are a standout amongst the most essential parts of a headset. As specified already, a clamor dropping part is in all likelihood introduced in the earphones to shut out mood sounds.

Receiver Quality

Commotion dropping component ought not exclusively be incorporated to the earphones yet additionally to the amplifier. Discourse lucidity is likewise a critical angle in a headset as it is utilized for correspondence. On the off chance that you can't pass on a discourse or substance obviously, at that point the motivation behind a headset is lost.

Inline Control

As said above, most USB headset is probably going to be furnished with its own particular control, regardless of whether it is to modify volume, amplifier affectability, or to hold and quiet a call. This is a significant imperative component and one that without a doubt you will need to have as you won't need to tinker with the PC as you are accepting critical calls.


In the event that you investigate the utilizations for USB headsets portrayed above, you will see that most clients will utilize this gadget for a significant long time, for a considerable length of time at once. Along these lines, the plan of the headset ought to be so that it is extremely agreeable notwithstanding for an extensive utilize.


The similarity said here is particularly alluding to the PC and its product. A decent USB headset ought not just perfect with different working framework, for example, Microsoft or Apple, yet additionally with different correspondences programming, for example, Skype or Lync.

Whatever your motivation of utilizing a USB headset might be, it can't be denied that a few headsets are superior to other people. Read on to see the audits of a portion of the best USB headsets in the market.



Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price

1. Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 Stereo USB Headset For PC

Commotion dropping features $$ 4.7

2. Logitech USB H570e Corded Single Ear Headset Incoming call marker light $$ 4.6

3. Plantronics Blackwire C310-M PL-85618-01 USB Headset

Natural inline control $$ 4.4

4. Sennheiser Culture Series Wideband Headset SC60 USB CTRL

Redial and reject fast buttons $$ 4.3

5. MPOW 071 USB Headset

Wide similarity: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Tablet $$ 4.3

6. Plantronics Audio 628 Stereo USB Headset

Worked in EQ feature $$ 4.3

7. VTIN OMorc USB On-Ear Wired Headset

250D Kevlar fiber strands $$ 4.2

8.Logitech H390 USB Headset

4 sizes of eartips $$ 4.0

9. MPOW 158 USB Headset

3.5 mm L-shape plug $$ 3.9

10. Koss CS100 USB Communications Headset with Microphone

Processed Aluminum Chassis $$ 3.9

11. Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Handmade wood ear pieces $$ 3.8

12. Logitech H340 USB Headset

High-vitality neodymium magnets $$ 3.8

13. iMicro IM320 USB Headset

Speaker Sensitivity: 110dB ± 3dB $$ 3.8

14. TelPal Corded USB Headset

up to 8 hours and 240 hours stand-by $$ 3.8

15. Digital Acoustics Mono USB Headset AC-840

Greatest power input: 20 MW, Sensitivity: 103 dB $$ 3.8

1. Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 Stereo USB Headset For PC

Plantronics is a main hardware organization that fundamentally delivers sound and correspondences gear for both Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 Stereo USB Headset For PCindividual buyers and business organizations. The fundamental objective for any of their items is to advance brought together correspondences, gaming, music, and also portable employments. Be that as it may, as the title have expressed, the Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 Stereo USB Headset is planned particularly for PC utilize.

Sound Quality

Plantronics guarantees a fresh and clear sound amid calls with the Audio 478 Stereo USB Headset. It utilizes a blend of sound upgrading innovations uncommonly created by Plantronics keeping in mind the end goal to improve clamor free discussions. The earphones itself brags 32 mm drivers and additionally a 48 kHz inspecting rate. This recurrence will guarantee an exact multiplication of the PC's sound. There is likewise a worked in equalizer to modify the different low and high recurrence, sifting them to make an unmistakable and adjusted conversational tone. Also the 24 bit sound of the headset with comprehensive powerful range, which is particularly beneficial for gamers. The sound signals from the amusement can be heard all the more unmistakably and in this way, you can impart all the more obviously with your partners.
Amplifier Quality

With a commotion dropping component, the Plantronics Audio 478 Stereo USB Headset won't just guarantee you to be heard uproarious and clear yet it likewise will effectively block out foundation sounds so you can utilize this gadget even in a loud domain. Plantronics additionally outfit this USB headset with Digital Signal Processing innovation to offset echoes and enhancing the clearness by boosting the voice flag.

Inline Control

An inline control board is available in this gadget. It gives clients a brisk command over calls. There is a consider catch that enables you to answer and end a call with a straightforward push, and also a quiet catch and volume catches to raise or lower the call's volume in increases.


The Plantronics Audio 478 Stereo USB Headset includes a collapsing outline which will make putting away it a breeze. The earphones are agreeable because of the delicate froth ear cushions covering the two earpieces. This headset additionally flaunts a long rope, as long as 2 meters, to give clients the adaptability to move around should they wish.


This USB headset is perfect with any Windows or Mac working framework as long as it has a working USB port. This gadget is additionally Skype Certified which makes it less demanding to connect it with your current correspondence framework.


Precise sound generation

Commotion dropping highlights

Worked in equalizer

Inline control board

Collapsing plan

2 meter long string

Skype guaranteed


Just for PC utilize

2. Logitech USB H570e Corded Single Ear Headset

As a notable global brand, Logitech has more than 30 long periods of PC encounter joined with many years of sound Logitech USB H570e Corded Single Ear Headsetexpertise. Their USB headset is intended to have an undertaking quality execution, large amounts of similarity, and easy to use interface. The Logitech USB H570e Corded Single Ear Headset is prescribed to be utilized for PC sight and sound, which includes work area calls and VoIP compose errands. This headset gives out an astounding sound with passage level cost.

Sound Quality

This headset utilizes a Digital Signal Processing and a dynamic equalizer to deliver the best stable quality. This USB Headset has a genuine wideband sound that is more normal and gives a consistent with life listening knowledge. Logitech, a genuine ace in sound gear that they are, furnished the H570e with a Sound Protection highlight to help secure clients' ears against sounds over 115dBA so they may have a more extended, more charming use out of this headset. The single earpiece is extraordinary for the individuals who might want to have an open ear to hear the environment.

Receiver Quality

The blast mic in this USB headset has a propelled commotion dropping quality. It decreases diverting foundation commotion so your voice can be heard by guests. The mic can likewise be turned effortlessly with the goal that the correct position can be accomplished to best get the voice.

Inline Control

The line control gives you a chance to alter volume, quiet capacities, and in addition answer or end calls. There is an approaching consider marker that will glimmer to give a visual sign to pick up the telephone.


Logitech introduces a top notch leatherette ear cushion with movable cushioned headband. This mix without a doubt will give you the most solace when wearing the headset for quite a while.


This USB headset offers a consistent UC (Unified Communications) similarity. It is advanced to be utilized with Microsoft Lync. It is likewise good with Cisco, and it is Skype Certified.


Incorporated computerized Signal Processing and dynamic equalizer

Logitech Sound Protection

Blast mic with clamor dropping element

Inline control

Approaching call pointer light

Padded ear cushion and headband


Perfect with Lync, Cisco, Skype Certified


Not reasonable for an immersive gaming background

3. Plantronics Blackwire C310-M PL-85618-01 USB Headset

Plantronics welcomes you to enter UC with a headset loaded with such huge numbers of highlights you could never expect your Plantronics Blackwire C310-M PL-85618-01 USB Headsetbudget could purchase. The Blackwire USB Headset might be estimated at a passage level expense yet it guarantees to convey straightforwardness, sturdiness, solace, and brilliant sound consistently.

Sound Quality

This USB earphone has one earpiece with over the head style. It offers a hey fi stereo sound as the base of a genuinely remarkable sound understanding, which makes it impeccable to tune in to voices, music, and other mixed media action. There is a dynamic equalizer highlight that will naturally alter the EQ setting when you are tuning in to anything on this gadget.

Receiver Quality

The wideband, commotion dropping receiver makes this USB headband most appropriate to be utilized with PC. Plantronics likewise highlight a basic attachment and play USB network on this headset so you are prepared to go in a moment.

Inline Control

The inline control on this headband is instinctive and will give you a chance to alter numerous settings, including call warning, answer or end calls, quiet, and the call volume. The savvy marker light is likewise put at a helpful spot so you will see the caution as it comes up.


The metal headband is lightweight and solid. It is likewise movable so clients can locate their own particular fit. The earpiece is additionally cushioned for extreme solace amid long working hours.


The Blackwire 310 USB Headband can show a battery meter in the PC's symbol plate with the goal that clients can rapidly check for the headset's outstanding battery life. With respect to UC similarity, this headset can be associated with Microsoft Lync and Skype to have client's UC nearness refreshed naturally.


Straightforward fitting and play USB network

Hello there Fi stereo sound

Dynamic EQ

Commotion dropping element

Instinctive inline control

Light headband

Cushioned earpiece

Programmed UC nearness refresh with Lync and Skype


Monoaural, not appropriate for immersive gaming background

4. Sennheiser Culture Series Wideband Headset SC60 USB CTRL

With regards to top notch sound gear, Sennheiser is a name you more likely than not heard endless time, so it is Sennheiser Culture Series Wideband Headset SC60 USB CTRLnot an astonishment to discover one of their items in this rundown. The SC 60 USB Headset is a twofold sided headset that will smooth out a business' progress to Skype. It is intended to accomplish most extreme concentration in uproarious condition.

Sound Quality

The commotion dropping component and sound nature of double earpiece headsets are better than those with one earpiece. Nonetheless, Sennheiser utilizes their wideband sound innovation with the goal that each word can be heard boisterous and clear by the client as though they are having an up close and personal discussion.

Receiver Quality

Obviously, the mouthpiece in the Culture arrangement is furnished with a commotion dropping component. The voice clearness created by the amplifier is something to be valued. It additionally sift through surrounding sound so the other party can hear a fresh, characteristic voice that will unintentionally help correspondence. This headset likewise flaunts a bendable blast arm to guarantee that the mic is situated ideally. It is pivotable and can be turned through 340 degrees, adaptable for both the privilege or left ear.

Inline Control

Beside changing the volume, clients can answer and end calls, redial and dismiss approaching calls specifically.


The Culture Series include the ActiveGard innovation from Sennheiser, which will ensure clients against acoustic damage that could be caused by sudden blasted of sound that may show up hanging in the balance. The ear cushions are additionally huge and agreeable, and the headset itself is light. Making protracted calls throughout the day will feel like a breeze with this USB headset.


The Culture arrangement is intended to be perfect with numerous UC interface, for example, Microsoft Lync and Skype.


Double earpiece

Wideband sound

Clamor dropping element

Bendable blast mic arm

Mic can be set on either ears

Redial and reject brisk catches

ActiveGard security

Huge, cushioned ear cushions

multi year worldwide guarantee


String may be somewhat short (3 feet)

5. MPOW 071 USB Headset

From bluetooth recipient to iPhone headsets, MPOW has it. They represent considerable authority in circulating imaginative electronic MPOW 071 USB Headsetproducts and accomplices to the customers. The 071 USB Headset has two earpieces and is advanced as a business headset for Skype, Webinar, and Call Centers.

Sound Quality

With a 40 mm driver and prevalent sound preparing, the MPOW USB headset conveys fresh, adjusted sound while you are bantering. This headset is basically proposed for talking and making calls. It can likewise be utilized to tune in to music as it has a commotion decrease sound card. The one of a kind part of this headset is that the association is exchangeable between a USB plug and a 3.5 mm jack. The headset has long lines to offer greater adaptability.
Mouthpiece Quality

The mic in the 071 USB Headset is a unidirectional mouthpiece. It very well may be turned with the goal that it discretely grabs the client's voice noisy and clear. There is additionally a clamor dropping element to diminish undesirable foundation commotion. The mic arm is likewise exceptionally adaptable to accommodate anybody's vocal area.

Inline Control

The inline control empowers client to kill the mic on or, modify the volume, and kill the speaker on or. It is an attachment and play sort of gadget so there would be no compelling reason to download a driver.


The headband and ear cushions are cushioned with soft adaptable foam wrapped with a skin-accommodating protein calfskin. There is a steel slider on the headband so clients can modify the fit.


MPOW composed this headset to be good with nearly anything. Windows 2000, 2007, 2008, 2010, XP, and Vista can appreciate continuous network with this gadget, and in addition those utilizing Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Tablet PC.


HiFi sound

Commotion decrease sound card

Double network: USB plug and 3.5 mm jack

9 feet line

Unidirectional amplifier

Adaptable arm

Calfskin cushioned headband and ear cushions

Flexible headband

Wide similarity: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Tablet


Not appropriate for gaming

6. Plantronics Audio 628 Stereo USB Headset

This is amazingly, one more USB headset from Plantronics, an organization committed to deliver astounding sound hardware forPlantronics Audio 628 Stereo USB Headset clients. The Audio 628 Stereo USB Headset is intended to be utilized basically for voice talks, VoIP, and Skype calls.

Sound Quality

Plantronics utilizes their mark Digital Signal Processing to block out the reverberate and foundation commotions so client can talk normally and serenely. The 32 mm drivers make this gadget equipped for conveying fresh and top notch sound. The earphone itself includes a 48 kHz examining rate and in addition an inherent equalizer. An adjusted, fantastic sound propagation is genuinely at your grip. This gadget additionally has two earpieces to block out the feel commotion.

Receiver Quality

The receiver in this gadget has a clamor counterbalancing properties to effectively tune foundation commotions and sift through static without suppressing your voice. The words you pass on will sound fresh and clear and hence, advancing powerful correspondence without patterns and inputs.

Inline Control

The inline board gives clients a brisk command over calls, particularly Skype as this item is Skype ensured. There is a call catch for you to answer and end calls with a push, and in addition a quiet catch for the receiver. Changing the volume is additionally made straightforward with these advantageous catches.


The edge is lightweight and cozy on account of the over-ear outline. The earpieces are secured with delicate froth ear cushions so long talking sessions can feel significantly more agreeable. The 6.5 feet string additionally gives clients flexibility to move around while talking.


The Audio 628 USB Headset is good with any Windows or Mac PC with a USB port. Plantronics likewise allows a one-year restricted guarantee for this item.


Appropriate for VoIP, voice calls, and gaming

Advanced Signal Processing innovation

32 mm drivers, 48 kHz testing rate, 24 bit sound

Worked in EQ highlight

Commotion dropping component

Effortlessly available inline board

Over-ear plan

Cushioned earpieces

5 feet string

Good with any Windows and Mac OS

1 year constrained guarantee

Skype confirmed


A few clients have issues with the mouthpiece quality