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The Logitech Headphones & Headsets

Established in Switzerland in 1981, Logitech is a name synonymous with quality fringe items for PC. Famous inside the gaming network, they order a decent expert after too. Their items are disseminated in more than 100 nations through key organizations with producers and retail locations. They were a pioneer in mice fabricating, which remains their most well known line of items today. Be that as it may, they have likewise stretched out their collection to incorporate corded and remote extras, for example, consoles, webcams, sound gadgets and earphones.

Intended for gaming, for an expert setting or notwithstanding for ordinary utilize, the best Logitech earphones come in a wide range of plans. One incredible thing about them is that most models accompany amplifiers, so you get two at the cost of one. It's additionally advantageous as you can make and answer Skype calls, and speak with partners over gaming sessions, without acquiring two separate gadgets.

Before we get to our rundown of best picks, here are some helpful focuses to consider:

Plan and Build

A few brands stress work over shape, and have immense, cumbersome plans that are never intended to be removed from a studio or home. Logitech earphones are a pleasant equalization of both.

Donning a cutting edge, modern look with smooth and sparkling completions, their earphones are generally thin and non-massive. Their flexible, smaller outline implies that you can utilize them as an at-home headset or bring them around on your movements. Certain models even component a collapsible system which enables the earphones to overlay down level for simple stockpiling.

The ear mugs additionally assume a critical job in clamor separation and sound clearness. Models like the 982-000071 UE 4000 have extensive containers that totally cover the ears,so they can without much of a stretch shut out outer commotion while shielding sound from spilling out. Then again, models like the Logitech Clearchat Stereo Headset and H800 Wireless Headset have compliment ear containers which go tenderly over the surface of the ears for an open and regular listening knowledge which enables you to know about your environment.


While earphones are exceptionally adaptable and can be utilized in an assortment of circumstances, some are intended to function admirably with specific applications. For instance, gaming earphones have a tendency to have encompass sound frameworks to give clients a more immersive listening background. Then again, models, for example, the Logitech 982-000071 UE4000, which include a rich, undiluted stereo sound, causes clients to distinguish unpretentious subtleties in a track, so they are extraordinary for tuning in to music. For business or expert applications, there are earphones with clear sound and a mic, for phone calls and Skype gatherings. Distinguishing the best combine for your requirements will guarantee that you benefit from your purchase.

Value Range

Logitech conveys earphones that fall inside the moderate range, straight up to the higher end ones, contingent upon their highlights. That doesn't imply that the more costly it is, the better the capacities! Clearly, a remote, Bluetooth prepared set will be more costly than one with a link, and the same goes for those that accompany clamor disengagement capacities. Everything comes down to what you need and need from your earphones.

Solace and Durability

Most Logitech earphones have intense and solid plastic body and headband, while the ear containers utilize either froth cushions or artificial leather. The last is delicate and appropriate for extended periods of wear, yet will rapidly turn awkward in sweltering climate. The greater part of Logitech's earphones accompanied either an ergonomic plan to suit distinctive head sizes and face shapes, or a flexible headband for a modified fit.

While they are by and large sturdy, clients ought to likewise know about pivots, turning receivers and customizable components that may turn out to be free after some time.

Extra Features

In case you're the kind that aversions links, decide on a remote earphone with Bluetooth innovation. A few models even let clients move similarly as 40ft far from their PCs, permitting you greater adaptability and comfort. You likewise don't need to stress over stumbling over tangled links or twisting them up each opportunity to put them away.

Different highlights to pay special mind to incorporate into line controls, for example, volume dial or catches, which can be situated on the link or the earphones themselves.

10 Best Logitech Headphones and Headsets In 2018











1. Logitech H800 Wireless Headset commotion dropping mic $$ 4.5

2. Logitech Ultimate Ears 4000 Headphones rich adaptable foam cushions $$ 4.4

3. Logitech Stereo Headset H230 commotion dropping microphone $$ 4.0

4. Logitech Clearchat Stereo Headset commotion dropping microphone $$ 4.0

5. Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390 pivoting, noice-dropping microphone $$ 4.0

6. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset 7.1 Dolby encompass sound $$$ 4.0

7. Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset, PC Headset with Mic collapsing, commotion dropping blast mic $$ 4.0

8. Logitech G430 Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Dolby 7.1 encompass sound $$ 4.0

9. Logitech G35 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Gaming Headset 7.1 encompass sound $$ 3.8

10. Logitech Stereo Headset H110 affectability: - 58 dBV/┬ÁBar $ 3.8

1) Logitech H800 Wireless Headset

Best Logitech HeadphonesWith the Logitech H800, you can state farewell to tangled links. These smooth, dark earphones come furnished with Bluetooth abilities for remote playback and correspondence. Clients can match them up with anything from PCs to cell phones and tablets. This should be possible by connecting to a little USB nano-recipient, or by matching the earphones with Bluetooth remote help.

Laser-tuned speaker drivers and an inherent equalizer work to make a rich, advanced stereo sound that is incredible for tuning in to music or recordings on your PC or MP3s.A clamor dropping mic guarantees that natural commotion is decreased to a base for completely clear discussions. Pivot the blast mic closer to your face to get your voice better, or flip it off the beaten path when tuning in to music.

The remote range is around 40ft, or a noteworthy 12m, enabling clients to tune in and talk while performing multiple tasks. You won't need to keep running back to your gadgets, as there are contact controls based on the ear. Flip through melodies, modify the volume, answer calls or quiet your amplifier with a basic press of a catch. A signal informs you when you've achieved least or greatest volume.

Each set keeps running on battery-powered batteries that can keep going for up to six hours, in spite of the fact that battery life changes with settings, utilize and ecological conditions. The best Logitech earphones are accused of a separable USB link.

At only 11 ounces, the earphones are lightweight however the body is in any case sufficiently durable to withstand wear and tear. The headband is cushioned and flexible to fit diverse head sizes and face shapes, while the etched ear mugs go over the ears for a vibe solid match. They are shrouded in a delicate, adjustable foam material and are agreeable for extended periods of wear. The earphones crease down like a couple of shades so they're impeccable as a movement buddy.

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2) Logitech Ultimate Ears 4000 Headphones

Best Logitech HeadphonesThe Ultimate Ears or UE4000 earphones certainlylive up to their 'definitive' mark. Intended for music darlings, their Sound Signature innovation offers sound that is rich, clear and flawlessly in order.

Great 40mm transducers breath life into soundtracks and a wide stable stage makes a 3D-like impact by precisely pinpointing a sound's area. High affectability drivers with neodymium magnets create fresh and clear trebles, a warm mid-range and profound bass. The lower frequencies can be marginally jolting, however the levels are for the most part adjusted and they feature unobtrusive subtleties and specifying in the music tracks genuinely well.

The UE4000's a la mode, eye-getting configuration is made for the youthful and youthful on the most fundamental level. Accessible in out of control, popping hues like dark, purple and white, the earphones convey a smooth, gleam complete and chrome highlights for included energy.

Substantial glasses encase the ears with delicate and extravagant flexible foam material, which isn't comfortable for broadened wear, yet additionally help to detach commotion better. The shut back outline guarantees that no sound breaks out, so you won't trouble the traveler alongside you with your music. Despite the fact that they have no commotion dropping highlights, they are very viable at shutting out ecological clamors. A flexible headband guarantees a custom fit.

Great things are intended to be shared, so the UE4000 accompanies a two-man sharing splitter which enables two jacks to be connected to, so clients can impart music to their companions.

For included accommodation, all the music and call controls are on the string, so clients can alter volumes, stop music, and answer or end calls without contacting their electronic gadgets. In any case, since these earphones were created for Apple gadgets, for example, the iPhone, iPad and iPod, their usefulness may change with non-iOS cell phones or tablets.

Each set accompanies a zippered pocket for simple conveying. The earphones are non-foldable, however it shouldn't be an issue since they're minimized and lightweight.

3) Logitech Stereo Headset H230

Best Logitech HeadphonesThe Logitech H230 is a fun simple headset to bring around and flaunt in broad daylight. They accompany swappable faceplates in various hues, so you can change them out to coordinate your style of the day.
In case you're not bringing them out on your day by day drive, they work fine as earphones for gaming or making calls. High affectability drivers give a full and clear stereo sound. While the quality is no place close extraordinary, they are adequate for viewing Youtube recordings or tuning in to music.

The genuine star of the H230 is their clamor dropping receiver, which limits reverberate and quiets foundation commotions. Commentators have remarked that voices sound fresh and clear on the opposite end, with negligible mutilation. The mic is adaptable and can be turned off the beaten path when not being used, or pushed nearer to all the more likely get your voice.

Dissimilar to most earphones which are cumbersome and go over the head, the H230 sports a subtle look and is worn behind the ears. The ear glasses are little and secured with froth tips for greatest solace. As they go on the ears as opposed to encompassing them totally, clamor segregation isn't high and clients will have the capacity to hear surrounding sounds.

Watchful and thin, the headband comprises of a thin casing that forms around the back of the head. At only 8 ounces, they are a standout amongst the most lightweight earphones on this rundown. As a result of this thin fit, they are non-customizable.

In-line controls on the string imply that clients can modify volume and quiet soundtracks without pushing on their gadgets. Each set accompanies a 8ft long link and highlights a 3.5mm stereo yield. Considering the value point, these are great incentive for cash and ought to effectively have the capacity to last up to a year with legitimate consideration.

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4) Logitech Clearchat Stereo Headset

Best Logitech HeadphonesLooking for a shabby however utilitarian combine of earphones? At that point the Logitech Clearchat Stereo Headset is a strong decision that won't consume an opening in your pocket. These smooth and lightweight earphones are intended to be matched with PCs and PCs as opposed to cell phones or tablets, since they come with3.5mm simple attachments. A reasonable stereo sound makes them appropriate for tuning in to music, watching recordings, easygoing gaming and making Internet calls. They have a recurrence reaction between 20Hz to 20,000Hz and offer all around adjusted lows, mids and highs.

With a name like 'Clearchat', it's undeniable what the producers had as a main priority. This is accomplished by their clamor dropping amplifier, which decreases ecological commotions so the individual on the opposite end can hear completely clear voices with insignificant contortion. The mic is genuinely touchy, with a recurrence reaction of 100 to 10,000Hz. It tends to be pivoted 180 degrees, so swing them off the beaten path when you're concentrating on your music or films, or draw them closer for talk sessions. A turning weighted base gives solidness so you can tilt the mic effortlessly. Clients can change the volume or quiet the mic with advantageous in-line controls found on the line.

The Clearchat is extremely lightweight, checking in at only 3.21 oz. Their ergonomic, horseshoe-formed plan is comfortable and the headband can be balanced for a custom fit. Their level ear glasses highlight thin, froth cushioning which is simple on the ears, however they destroy rapidly.

Each set accompanies a 8ft protected string, permitting clients more opportunity of development. The power switch goes about as a supportive marker as it illuminates when the mic is turned on. By and large, the Clearcat offers sufficient sound and recording quality and can withstand direct utilize.

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5) Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390

Best Logitech HeadphonesDespite being first propelled in 2007, the Comfort stays one of Logitech's top of the line PC earphones even following eight years – a demonstration of their quality, cost and in general usefulness.

In spite of the fact that they share a similar name, there are many contrasts between the Logitech ClearChat Comfort and Logitech ClearChat Stereo checked on before. The Comfort has an alternate plan through and through – rather than thin, delicately cushioned ear mugs, they convey extensive cumbersome ones with delicate bonded leather pads that envelope the wearer's ears. This takes into account better clamor disengagement and forestalls sound spillage. The headband is cushioned for additional solace, and acclimates to fit diverse head shapes and sizes. Regardless of their value point, the Comfort is determinedly fabricated and feels strong, not at all like other modest earphones available.

Plan aside, the Comfort utilizes a similar essential standards: to give completely clear voices while downplaying irritating foundation clamor. This is accomplished by a turning, commotion dropping amplifier, which is compelling at shutting out ecological sounds, for example, activity – making these earphones ideal for consistent Skype assembles or even online business conferences and telephone calls. The sound quality is okay, with a satisfactory measure of bass.

It is super simple to use, as no set up is required. Clients just fitting and play with a progressed computerized USB. The earphones are good with more up to date programming, for example, Mac OSX and Windows 10 and additionally more established renditions like the Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. A 8ft link enables clients to move far from their electronic gadgets for included adaptability, and it is anything but difficult to quiet or control the volume since in-line controls can be found on the rope.

At their exceptionally reasonable value point, you'll be unable to discover a couple of earphones with comparative quality.

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6) Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset, Wireless Headphones and Microphone

Best Logitech HeadphonesThe Logitech G933 earphones look like something out of a cyberpunk motion picture. Intended for gaming, these awful young men offer unparalleled sound quality and highlights to fulfill even the most bad-to-the-bone audiophiles and gamers.

Appreciate a realistic listening background with DTS Headphone: X Surround Sound and 8.1 Dolby Surround Sound, which make a rich, full stable that appears to originate from surrounding you. Clients have the alternative to switch between these two frameworks through a product bolster program. In the interim, propelled Pro-G sound drivers guarantee that your sound is fresh and clear, while precisely pinpointing sound areas so gamers will have the capacity to hear foes sneaking up behind them, or pay special mind to sound signs in a diversion.

An excessive number of matches have been lost because of flawed mics bringing about poor in-amusement correspondence. The G933 wipes out that stress with a strong, commotion dropping mic that conveys voices in high clearness while quieting out foundation clamor.

One incredible element of the G933 is their programmable G-Keys, which are found only by the ear glass. Utilizing the Logitech Gaming Software, clients can enter up to three custom directions for a consistent gaming background. For instance, set a catch for burnning through music tracks;activate push-to-talk correspondence or trigger moment in-diversion order combos.

Another incredible component is their sound blending capacities. Ceasing amidst an energizing match to answer telephone calls can be a genuine bummer. The G933 permits sound blending with up to three gadgets, utilizing a USB Mix Adapter or two simple sources of info, and flawlessly adjusts the sound so they won't overpower each other.

Plan insightful, the G933 is immense and massive, and the padded ear containers are well-suited to gobble up littler countenances. The headband is likewise thick and cushioned yet offers additional solace for extend periods of time of wear. They come in wired renditions, however the remote ones offer the adaptability of having the capacity to move far from your PCs or gaming comforts, and has up to 12 long periods of battery life (at half volume).

The headset accompanies movable RGB lighting with up to 16.8mil hues. They work with PC, portable, home theater gadgets and amusement consoles, for example, PS4 and Xbox One.

7) Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset, PC Headset with Mic

Best Logitech HeadphonesThe G230 has the gaming look under control – colossal and massive ear cups,an forceful red and dark shading plan, precise lines. In any case, with regards to usefulness, they work especially like customary earphones. For one, they offer excellent stereo rather than encompass sound, which hampers their capacity to situate in-diversion sound headings with pinpoint precision. They additionally need programming for customization, not at all like higher end gaming earphones.

That doesn't mean the sound quality or execution is awful. For easygoing gamers searching for a strong, section level match of earphones at a spending value, these earphones carry out the activity fine and dandy. While likely not perfect for shooting amusements, they function admirably enough for RPGs, experience and bewilder diversions. The sound quality is better than average and very much adjusted, despite the fact that somewhat feeble on the bass. In case you're accustomed to tuning in to bass-overwhelming earphones, these will take some time becoming accustomed to because of their level reaction. For included accommodation, the in-line controls, for example, volume dial and quiet are situated on the rope.

Past gaming, they are useful for making Internet calls, for example, on Skype, Messenger or Google Hangouts. The commotion dropping mic fills in as promoted and is genuinely tolerable at lessening foundation clamor. It tends to be turned off the beaten path when not being used, in spite of the fact that its semi-adaptable element makes it firm and hard to change on occasion.

The G230 has the benefit of being one of only a handful couple of gaming earphones that have swiveling ear glasses. The headband is expandable for a tweaked fit. While the plastic and elastic development is lightweight and tough enough, you likely would prefer not to stuff these earphones into a pack with heaps of overwhelming gear to finish everything. All things considered, the G230 is a flexible combine of earphones for easygoing gaming and general utilize, despite the fact that you presumably wouldn't think of them as in case you're a genuine, competition level gamer.

8) Logitech G430 Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Best Logitech HeadphonesWhen you're gaming on a focused level, each solid and minor prompt can have the effect among winning and losing a match. 'Hear them before you see them' is the mantra embraced by the Logitech G430. On account of their Dolby 7.1 encompass sound framework, the earphones offer prevalent sound quality and an immersive 360-degree sound field that precisely pinpoints in-amusement sound areas. Match that with ground-breaking 40mm neodymium drivers and Low Frequency Effects innovation and you get clear, practical sound points of interest that make you feel as though you're inside the amusement itself, tuning in to foe footfalls or avoiding gunfire.

In-diversion correspondence is similarly as critical as sound quality, and the G430 conveys with a foldable blast mic. While it's exceedingly touchy and can get voices well, the clamor dropping component guarantees that foundation commotion is decreased to a base. It very well may be pivoted off the beaten path when tuning in to music or watching recordings.

Worked for comfort, the earphones sport an adjusted get together, ponder development and huge ear glasses. The last is secured with delicate execution review material that is simple on the ears for extend periods of time of wear, and can be evacuated for cleaning. Dissimilar to artificial leather, the material is breathable and forestalls dampness and warmth develop. For a more customized fit, the mugs include a 90-degree swivel, while the headband is movable.

Controls, for example, the volume dial and quiet catch are situated on the link so clients can change their settings rapidly without thinking twice from their amusement. The G430 likewise accompanies a 2.3m link for adaptability. They work with gaming consoles, for example, the PS4 and are good with more seasoned frameworks, for example, the Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.

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9) Logitech G35 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Best Logitech HeadphonesSimilar to the G430, the G35 means to offer rich and point by point encompass sound for a remarkable gaming knowledge. Furnished with Dolby innovation, the earphones procedure sound as 7.1-channel sound. Two 40mm drivers help to make a wide soundstage for better surface, profundity and 360 degree sound imaging.

Tragically, the G35 misses the mark regarding the check. In spite of the fact that the earphones utilize preparing traps by mixing sounds from the left, right and focus so sound appears to originate from changed headings, their two individual drivers are essentially insufficient to reproduce a genuine encompass sound impact.

That being stated, the earphones offer outstanding sound quality – just not the encompass sound that they're promoting. They are extraordinary for easygoing gaming and for tuning in to music, with clear highs and nitty gritty mids, in spite of the fact that the bass is missing to some degree. They can likewise be utilized for watching recordings and motion pictures, or making Skype calls.

The clamor dropping mic gets voices and repeats them on the less than desirable end with completely clear clearness, while shutting out natural commotions. A keen expansion is a sparkling red marker light, which tells clients when the mic is quieted. It very well may be turned off the beaten path when not being used.

Three adjustable G-keys situated on the back of the ear container enable clients to control volume, media playback and different highlights through the Logitech G35 programming. On the other glass, there is a slider switch which flips Dolby Digital handling on and off. The set accompanies three swappable cushions for a modified fit, including meager, thick and shaped.

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10) Logitech Stereo Headset H110

Best Logitech HeadphonesThe H110 is one of the least expensive headsets on this rundown, however offers solid quality particularly for customary applications, for example, making Internet calls or tuning in to music. Clients can expect amazing stereo sound played through two channels. The earphones have a recurrence reaction of 20Hz to 20,000 Hz, while the mic has a range between 100Hz to 16,000Hz. While the mids and trebles are clear enough, they do not have a little in bass.
Best Logitech Headphones

The blast mic is delicate and gets voices genuinely well. It additionally accompanies commotion dropping highlights that are intended to limit ecological clamor. In any case, it tends to get clamors when things contact the headset, for example, when strings unintentionally brush against the edge. The upside is that it's exceptionally adaptable, and you can wear it either to your left side or right side, contingent upon which position grabs your voice best. At the point when not being used, just turn it far from your face.

Contrasted with a portion of the creature measured headsets on this rundown, the H110 is little and highlights a watchful, over-the-head plan with thin ear cushions. The headband has a sliding system which enables clients to change them to fit distinctive head sizes. At only 1.8 ounces, they are lightweight to the point that you'll scarcely feel them on your head, making them agreeable for extend periods of time of wear.

One thing to note is that while they work with Windows programming, the earphones are not perfect with Apple gadgets. They likewise don't convey in-line controls.

Each set accompanies two 3.5mm mic and earphone jacks, which work with any PC sound card, and additionally a 7ft long link.

Wearing a straightforward, dim shading and gleaming completion, the H110 looks utilitarian – however that is exactly what they are: a useful, simple combine of earphones that does the activity at an exceptionally moderate cost point.