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The Needs for High Chair

Do you realize what highlights to search for when obtaining the ideal high seat for your family? With unlimited arrangements of capacities, textures, and plans, how does another parent potentially realize where to begin? We put nine top of the line seats under a magnifying glass to make sense of which choices were justified, despite all the trouble, which ones we could leave behind, and which ones were extraordinary for particular circumstances, similar to loft living. Continue perusing to find the advantages and disadvantages of each seat, alongside the purchasing counsel that will enable you to settle on the best choice for your little one.
Peg Perego Siesta


Best Overall

Peg Perego Siesta

Peg Perego Siesta Editors' Choice Award


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Item Weight: 23 lbs | Usage Range: Birth to 45 lbs


Extraordinary quality


Dubious to roll

Difficult to clean

The Peg Perego Siesta is an amazing item that can possibly be passed on for a considerable length of time to come. This seat is very much structured and has numerous convenient capacities, for example, various positions for the lean back, stature, and footstool and makes a seat that enables babies to lean back with a jug, and in addition being ideal for an eager little child self-sustaining, and everything in the middle. The Prima Classe texture comes in various hues and has a supple, weathered feel. The seat has wheels to make it less demanding to move around your home, yet in addition includes a Stop and Go Brake framework that is easy to use to protect your infant. It additionally has a reduced overlap, making it more helpful to store.

A few clients felt like the wheels could be dubious to move, since the back wheels swivel and the front wheels are anchored. A basic answer for this issue is to either move it in reverse, controlling with the back wheels as opposed to the front. It likewise can be somewhat hard to guarantee the seat is totally perfect. While the texture is anything but difficult to wipe down and the plate are dishwasher safe (however we prescribe hand washing as regularly as could reasonably be expected), there are a few alcoves and corners where morsels and gunk can cover up. In spite of these blemishes, we are exceptionally inspired with the general high caliber and adaptable nature of the seat and trust it would keep any family cheerful amid supper time.

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Infant Bjorn Editors' Choice Award


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Item Weight: 10.6 lbs | Usage Range: 6 mos to 3 yrs

Simple to clean

Simple to set up

Minimized capacity


Nonadjustable hassock

The BabyBjorn would be a lightweight and straightforward expansion to your eating times. The smooth, excellent plan gives unique consideration regarding little points of interest, for example, ergonomics and a well fitting plate. The plate joins near the tummy, and we cherish it for two primary reasons; it works as a major aspect of the limitation framework, and it is consoling to realize that our infant can't stand up in this seat. Because of this, it limits the measure of nourishment that gets dropped on the voyage among bowl and mouth. The moderate plan implies that less splits and precipices make it a breeze to clean. We welcome the simplicity of starting set up that just expects you to snap in the four legs, and after that the plate. BabyBjorn is additionally known for their eco-accommodating practices when fabricating infant items. While they fabricate the seat from recyclable plastic, you can be quiet realizing that it is without pvc and contains no bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, cadmium, lead, or bromine.

The principle protest with this seat is its little size. The maker planned the seat for children up to 3 years of age, however take note of that the stature greatest is 38 inches, which most kids will reach by 3-years old. The tallness confinement is most critical in light of the stool, which isn't customizable. In the event that you endeavor to put a taller youngster in the seat, they will be unable to utilize the stool, and their feet will be left dangling uneasily in mid-air. The backrest is little and does not achieve the highest point of the tyke's back, but rather has an ergonomic structure that assists with stance. In the event that you are seeking after a conventional kind seat that encompasses your tyke, this seat isn't for you. However, at last, we think the minimized structure alongside the usability makes this an astounding buy for moderate disapproved of families.

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Best Value

Graco SimpleSwitch

Best Value Award


Rundown Price

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Item Weight: 16.3 lbs | Usage Range: Birth to 60 lbs

Leaning back Seat

Cleans effortlessly

Great arrangement at the cost

Plate can precarious

Doesn't crease

Plate doesn't lie level off the high seat

The Graco SimpleSwitch is a straightforward yet tough seat that is one of our top choices in this value run. It includes a three-level lean back alteration, making both an advantageous eating focus and additionally a sheltered space for child to hang out in while mother is in the kitchen. The lashes and seat cover can be effectively evacuated and afterward hurled in the clothes washer after those muddled dinners. The rest of the plastic seat is effortlessly wiped down to complete the activity. Also, the legs of this seat are removable, which means as a supporter it can hold up to 60 lbs!

A couple of minor downsides to this seat are that the plate can be evacuated one given yet can some of the time stick on the off chance that it is uneven, in any case, in the wake of becoming acquainted with the seat a bit this is not any more an issue. Additionally, since the groin limitation is appended to the plate, the plate does not lay level when put on the table, which implies that in the event that you have to get your infant out mid-feast, you should expel all the nourishment already. While this seat has a littler impression, it doesn't have a minimized overlay and would be cumbersome to store. By and large however, we would suggest this high seat as a very practical and reasonable choice that would you be able to can use for a greater number of years than the normal high seat.

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Tough Lifetime Chair

Stokke Tripp Trapp Bundle

Top Pick Award


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Item Weight: 15.6 lbs | Usage Range: 6 mos (with Baby Set) to 242 lbs

Simple to clean


Can pull up to table


Need to buy accomplices to use with newborn child

We have such a large number of motivations to cherish the Stokke Tripp Trapp Bundle. It has a straightforward structure that is anything but difficult to tidy and pulls up to the table so somewhat one can eat comfortable table with family. Sturdy development and tallness modifications for both the seat and footstool make this a seat that can be utilized reliably all through a kid's first decade. The Stokke Tripp Trapp Bundle which obliges 6mo+ babies incorporates a removable 5-point tackle, Tripp Trapp Baby Set, and Mini Baby Cushion. Extra assistants to additionally tweak the Tripp Trapp incorporate the Stokke Tray, the Tripp Trapp Cushion, and the Tripp Trapp Junior Cushion for more established children. We cherish the flexibility of this seat, and the way that it is developed from European Beech Wood and is free of hurtful synthetic concoctions, for example, bisphenol and phthalates.

While this is a strong, sturdy seat, you will pay an exceptional cost for it. It is the second most costly seat in this survey. On account of the higher cost, a few people are disappointed that you should buy the child embed, plate, and different embellishments independently. At last, however, we cherish the way that this seat can develop with your youngster far longer than the normal high seat, and additionally the work of art and basic plan.

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Serves Double Duty

Graco Blossom

Top Pick Award


(40% off)

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Item Weight: 31.8 lbs | Usage Range: Infant to 60 lbs

Can oblige two kids

Simple to clean

All around estimated

Does not crease


The Graco Blossom is a special seat that can change over from a high seat to a newborn child promoter to little child sponsor lastly an adolescent seat. On account of this 4-in-1 capacity, you have the alternative to utilize the baby seat and little child seat to sit two youngsters (of various ages) with one seat. The leatherette situate cushion texture is anything but difficult to wipe down and can even be hurled into the wash when a more genuine cleaning is required. The Blossom additionally offers various seat modifications and nourishment plate. It is anything but difficult to utilize and well made. It is estimated well (near normal for the gathering we tried) for what you get, particularly when the potential for long haul utilize is considered.

One of the greatest dissensions about this seat is that it doesn't crease away for simple putting away as a few of the others do, which can be an issue on the off chance that you are living in a little space, as this has a bigger than normal impression. It is likewise overwhelming and unwieldy to move. The wheels enable it to float on hard surfaces, however it very well may be hard to pull through a covered floor. On the off chance that you are searching for a seat that will last through different stages and kids, in any case, this is certainly one to consider.

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Generally Compact

Joovy Nook

Joovy Nook


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Item Weight: 15.4 lbs | Usage Range: 6 mos to 50 lbs


Simple to Use

Great cost

Hard to clean

Seat is leaned back

The JOOVY Nook is an a la mode, current infant chair that is easy to utilize, and it comes completely gathered (Yay! One less infant thing to assemble!). The plate swings open with one hand, and it advantageously creases down shoreline seat style. The reduced crease and lightweight structure make both transporting and putting away it a breeze. The plate has a dishwasher-safe cover and also the capacity to change front to back to permit space for your developing kid. We think this is a clever seat that has extraordinary highlights and offered at a reasonable cost.

While we extremely like this seat primarily for its convenience, cleaning it isn't as basic as a few of the others we tried. The agreeable leatherette situate has numerous creases that can get morsels and other little bits of sustenance, which can be particularly baffling to clean on the off chance that you don't wipe it before it dries. The equivalent is valid for the ties. We wish the seat cushion and ties could be hurled in the clothes washer to rearrange the cleaning procedure. Something else to note is the seat on this does not sit at a 90-degree edge, as it sits marginally leaned back. At first look, it doesn't appear to be excessively, yet once you put your little one in the seat, you will understand that your infant should receive a kicked back style of eating.


Current Chic

Blossom Fresco

Blossom Fresco Top Pick Award


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Item Weight: 39.6 lbs. | Usage Range: Birth to 79 lbs


Acclimates to Table and Counter Height




Quality issues

The Bloom Fresco is a super upscale and present day looking high seat. When buying, you can tweak the seat by browsing numerous hues for the edge, starter pack and (discretionary) all inclusive cozy seat pad. It can turn 360 degrees, has three diverse lean back positions and can be made taller or shorter to fit the ledge or table. These highlights are incredible to oblige babies, little children, and children as far as possible up to 8 years of age. The wide roundabout base helps keep it pleasant and stable.

There are a couple of downsides to consider before buying the Bloom. As a matter of first importance, it is costly. It is more expensive than the following seat by almost $200, which is something to remember for those on a financial plan. Additionally, it is very substantial, besting out at near 40 lbs, making it the heaviest seat in the survey. It has two little wheels covered up in the front to make it less demanding to move. At last, a few clients have had issues with parts breaking, for example, the seat splitting or the footstool breaking, despite the fact that Bloom's client benefit is useful and will send new parts when essential. By and large, the Bloom Fresco is very costly for an infant chair, yet on the off chance that you are searching for a seat that will be a long haul occupant of your kitchen yet in addition won't hold back your ability to shine, at that point it might be the seat for you. In the event that you discover the Fresco's cutting edge look engaging, you may likewise need to consider the Mima Moon 2G as it has a comparative modern yet straightforward structure.


A Boost for Little Ones

Keekaroo Height Right with Infant Insert


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Item Weight: 21.1 lbs | Usage Range: 6 mos to 250 lbs

Long haul use


Simple to clean

Need to keep up

Troublesome get together

Clasp simple to fix

Needing the Tripp Trapp Twin however at a more prudent cost? The Keekaroo Height Right with Infant Insert could be the appropriate response, as the two seats are fundamentally the same as in appearance and usefulness. The wooden seat can hold your half year old baby (with embed) and full developed grown (up to 250 lbs!). The movable seat and stool enable you to alter the seat for the ideal fit. It is very steady, so you won't need to stress amid those early baby days when kids are getting a handle on and inclining out of their seats. Additionally, since the seat itself is made totally from wood and the embed from plastic, it is anything but difficult to wipe clean.

Know that the screws should be checked occasionally to guarantee that they are remaining tight and secure as there have been a few reports that they can relax after some time. Another approach to guarantee the life span of the item is to utilize the plastic plate cover over the wooden one. Clients have announced seeing the weakening of the wood in the wake of being persistently wiped down and left to air dry. Additionally, remember that on the off chance that you have an additional tricky little child, a few children more youthful than two years have possessed the capacity to fix the clasp. Make sure to watch out for your child consistently while situated in this seat. Amassing this seat can be somewhat precarious, taking roughly a half hour. Analyzers detailed that the directions are clear, however generally the procedure isn't instinctive. While this can be a disadvantage, it is (luckily) just something that you should complete one time. Generally speaking, this is a brilliant seat that is intended to last far past the little child years.

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Tallness Adjustable without Breaking the Bank

Aid Flair


(13% off)

at Amazon

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Item Weight: 28.7 lbs | Usage Range: Up to 50 lbs or 4 yrs

Simple to clean

Wheels function admirably

Current style

Does not overlay

Pneumatic lift can be touchy

The Boon Flair is an incredible current looking high seat that takes care of business. The smooth style and absence of fissure make it super simple to wipe clean. There are no alcoves and corners for nourishment to get caught as the seat is one strong piece, and you can unfasten the lashes to wash by submit the sink. While it is on the overwhelming side, it has six caster wheels that make it a breeze to move on hard ground surface.

What are the drawbacks? This seat has a bigger than normal impression, and there is no real way to overlap it on the off chance that you at any point needed to store it, implying that it will be a piece of the kitchen stylistic theme the whole time it's being used, fortunately it's an entirely attractive seat. There have likewise been different reports of the pneumatic lift to raise and lower breaking down after time. You will need to enlist the item on the Boon site on the off chance that an arrival or substitution is required. After this, regardless we trust this is an extraordinary contender on the off chance that you are searching for an up-to-date situate at a small amount of the cost of comparative seats.

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The SimpleSwitch can be utilized with kids up to 37 lbs.

The SimpleSwitch can be utilized with kids up to 37 lbs.

How We Evaluated

When you are utilizing a high seat on different occasions multi day, it is essential to discover one that will be a delight to utilize, not a problem. We spent endless hours inquiring about, testing, and rating these seats in the expectations that every last bit of it will enable you to locate the ideal seat for your family. It is an apparatus you will utilize each and every day. So how would you pick the seat it's hard to believe, but it's true for you? Read on; we can help.


Regardless of whether you're a first-time parent or have long stretches of understanding added to your repertoire, one thing continues as before: you are continually hunting down approaches to make existence with child as simple, agreeable, and fun as could be expected under the circumstances. Eating times can appear to take up an extensive bit of the day so finding the ideal high seat can be a major piece of the arrangement, as it can spare you the disappointment of managing an evil fitting or sick performing seat at least three times each day. We limited our pursuit from more than 50 high seats to the best 9 available with expectations of making your buy somewhat less demanding.

Sorts of High Chairs

In this survey, we will examine remain solitary, full-measure seats; ones that don't really should be pushed into a table since they have a plate. Full-estimate high seats offer all that you have to get infant sustained, across the board helpful bundle. These seats will take up some floor space in your kitchen, or wherever you feed your infant, and will have an arrangement of legs connected to a base to offer additional dependability. Some of them have wheels; others don't. There are the two points of interest and inconveniences to having wheels on a high seat, yet on the off chance that you buy one with wheels make certain that there are secure braking instruments set up.

The impression of a high seat can have an immense effect contingent upon the kind of home you have. In the event that you live in a modest flat with minimal additional floor space or are regularly in a hurry, you might need to investigate our Editor's Choice, the Baby Bjorn, as it is reduced and simple to move around. In the event that you need something that takes up even less kitchen space, consider utilizing a versatile item as opposed to a full-estimate, independent one. For more data on our best decisions, look at our Best Portable High Chair Review.









Joovy Nook

Tripp Trapp Bundle

Graco SimpleSwitch

Tallness Right with Infant


Peg Perego Siesta

Graco Blossom

Help Flair

Blossom Fresco

10.6 lbs

15.4 lbs

15.6 lbs

16.3 lbs

21.1 lbs

23 lbs

28.6 lbs

28.7 lbs

39.6 lbs

Product Weight

BabyBjorn 10.6

Joovy Nook 15.4

Tripp Trapp Bundle 15.6

Graco SimpleSwitch 16.3

Tallness Right with Infant Insert 21.1

Peg Perego Siesta 23

Graco Blossom 28.6

Help Flair 28.7

Blossom Fresco 39.6

Essential Terms

The seats we tried secured numerous age ranges from earliest stages as far as possible up to a 250-pound grown-up! They are altogether viewed as full-estimate, which means they are intended to remain in your kitchen, or wherever you feed your infant. There's a ton to think about when seeing high seats. So you can figure out precisely what we're discussing, we should begin by investigating a portion of the key terms we'll use all through our surveys.

The straightforward 3-point limitation framework that clasps around child's midriff.

The straightforward 3-point limitation framework that clasps around child's midriff.

Saddle/Restraint framework: This alludes to the belts, clasps, and lashes that keep child safely set up while they eat. A portion of our seats had a 5-point limitation framework, which means there were two shoulder ties and two midsection lashes that clasped into one groin tie, giving prevalent wellbeing. Others had a 3-point limitation framework which just included midriff lashes that met some place under child's midsection catch. Whichever your inclination, make certain that the tackling framework is anything but difficult to change so you can make certain to get a cozy fit to protect infant in his seat. Additionally search for seats that offer a one-hand discharge clasp, this includes another dimension of comfort when attempting to get a squirming child out of their seat after eating times.
Groin Restraint/Safety Post: This is the post that goes in the middle of infant's legs to counteract them (alongside the limitation framework) from slipping forward and out of the seat. A few seats offer a stationary groin limitation, which means it is a piece of the genuine seat, while others have a groin present that is connected on the plate, and in this way removable. We very much wanted those that offered a settled, non-removable focus post for different reasons. Remember that if the post is joined to the plate you will in all probability not have the capacity to fit the plate in your dishwasher, and you will likewise certainly not have the capacity to set the plate level on your counter. Furthermore, with the post incorporated with the seat of the seat, it makes it somewhat less likely that infant will slip out of their bridle when they're frantic and including their solid as-a-board move.

The five-point restriction is effectively discharged with one hand while the latent groin limitation remains set up as a major aspect of the seat.

The five-point restriction is effectively discharged with one hand while the aloof groin limitation remains set up as a major aspect of the seat.

Modifications: There are bunches of customizable highlights when you take a gander at all the seats, however the two we believe are the most vital to center around are the capacity to lean back and the capacity to change the stature of the seat. Seats that had extra flexible highlights will in general offer a more elevated amount of solace for infant.

Conveyability: As we previously specified, these are full-measure high seats, which are not the same as really "convenient" units or sponsor seats. For this survey, 'convenientce' alludes to the fact that they are so natural to move around your kitchen. Some had wheels, and some didn't, however trust it or not, this didn't really mean the ones with wheels were more agreeable to move!


A high seat is a thing that will get utilized each and every day, on various occasions multi day, so it is basic that this bit of gear be simple for you to work. Moreover, little eccentricities in a seat that could possibly squeeze infant or leave marks are not kidding major issues. Here are some convenience highlights to search for when purchasing a seat, and idiosyncrasies to look out for:

The Siesta has remarkable the capacity to completely lean back. This can be a helpful place for a youthful newborn child to hang out preceding beginning solids while family is cooking or eating.

The Siesta has exceptional the capacity to completely lean back. This can be a helpful place for a youthful baby to hang out preceding beginning solids while family is cooking or eating.

Lean back: Lots of seats offer a lean back component, however there was a specific sort of lean back element that we enjoyed best. Our Editors' Choice Award victor, the Peg Perego Siesta was an incredible case of this. When it leans back, the whole seat tilts back, the distance down to the footstool. Different seats, similar to the Graco SimpleSwitch, offered a lean back choice, however just the back piece of the seat moved. In a seat this way, it very well may be less demanding for infant's tush to slide forward and make it feel like they will slide appropriate out of their seat. Uneasy, isn't that so? Ensure you check this before buying a seat in the event that you figure this may be an issue for your tyke. In the event that your kiddo isn't one to nod off amid/after supper time, perhaps this isn't such a major ordeal for you. A last cautioning about leaning back: dependably make sure child's fingers are off the beaten path while changing the seat back!

The most astounding setting on the Boon High Chair enabled infant to participate amid breakfast while sitting at counter-stature with more seasoned kin.

The most astounding setting on the Boon High Chair enabled infant to participate amid breakfast while sitting at counter-stature with more established kin.

Stature Adjustability: Think about where you need to bolster your child. On the off chance that you jump at the chance to take a seat in your lounge area seat and have your infant beside you, each independent seat should work for that. In case you're a greater amount of an on-the-fly, eat-while-I-wash-dishes sort of parent, possibly you need one that can sit infant up somewhat taller and inside more normal reach. For our situation, we delighted in those with taller flexible statures, similar to the Boon Flair. They could achieve our counter tallness where more established kin were perched on stools. Child beyond any doubt delighted in being a piece of that activity, as well. Seats like the Keekaroo Height Right and Stokke Tripp Trapp are incredible alternatives on the off chance that you regularly have your family suppers at the lounge area table in light of the fact that despite the fact that they are not tallness customizable, they can be pushed into most tables as proficiently as your other eating seats. Whatever your inclination, make certain to check the maker's measurements to see that the seat will function admirably in your condition.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp can without much of a stretch be pushed up to the table to eat together.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp can without much of a stretch be pushed up to the table to feast together.

Solace Features: If you are utilizing your seat for an infant, consider extra solace highlights like newborn child supplements to enable help to infant's head and neck. Some don't offer any cushioning whatsoever yet more often than not enable infant to sit in an ergonomically right position, so none is required. These seats with no texture pads are for the most part more clear to perfect too.

Simplicity of Cleaning

Many nibble plate like the one from the Keekaroo appeared here are dishwasher safe however we prescribe utilizing warm foamy water to clean them by hand.

Many nibble plate, similar to the one from the Keekaroo appeared here, are dishwasher safe, yet we prescribe utilizing warm lathery water to clean them by hand.

Children are chaotic eaters. Little children are chaotic eaters. There's no way to avoid it. We observed there to be a scarcely discernible difference between included solace for infant and added hole for nourishment to amass. A couple of seats, similar to the Baby Bjorn and the Keekaroo Height Right, offered novel structure components that dispensed with superfluous cleft for piece stockpiling as well as permitted ergonomic seating support amid supper time. To our pleasure, seats like the Peg Perego Siesta could consolidate the components of solace/cushioning with cleanability to thump it out of the recreation center! It is important to the point that this kind of item be simple enough to clean, particularly since you'll be utilizing it upwards of three times each day. Here are a couple of pointers to search for when picking a seat that'll be a breeze to clean:

Seat pads: If the seat you pick has a cushioned seat, ensure it comprises of vinyl-like material that is anything but difficult to wipe clean. Extra focuses for effectively removable seat pads that you can toss in the clothes washer. Simply make certain you have enough time to dry them, as most should be air-dried and prepared to be returned on the seat for the following dinner. You need to maintain a strategic distance from cotton-like texture that will pull in stains.

Fortunately those subtle sustenance gathering wrinkles in the seat pad were super simple to wipe clean with a clammy fabric.

Fortunately, those tricky sustenance gathering wrinkles in the seat pad were super simple to wipe clean with a sodden material.

Base: We prefer not to break it to you, however pieces will frequently succumb to gravity and wind up everywhere on your floor. In the event that the base is huge, similar to that of the Boon Flair, scraps will arrive on it, and you will in the long run need to clean it also.

Clasps: Boy, can these little folks gather nourishment like no one's the same old thing. Ensure the clasps don't have any a larger number of alcoves and crevices than should be expected. There's no avoiding the way that you'll need to wipe them down, however it's much less demanding to do in the event that you don't have to break out the Q-tips to do as such.

A large number of the seats offered plate that incorporated a nibble plate "cover". For included comfort, the producers have made these plate covers top-rack dishwasher safe, which is useful. Be that as it may, despite everything we prescribe washing plastic parts by hand to stay away from potential draining of cruel synthetic concoctions and breaking down after some time.


With regards to quality, there truly is no squirm room. A high seat is the place your child will spend numerous hours eating, drinking, snoozing, and taking in their condition. You need to make certain that the general quality will keep infant protected and secure each and every time you lash them in.

Stokke Tripp Trapp high seat is extremely well made and does not shout infant furniture.

Stokke Tripp Trapp high seat is exceptionally well made and does not shout child furniture.

Regardless of whether you need to buy your seat on the web, we prescribe attempting to discover it at a physical store first, with the goal that you can go and test it out for yourself. Shake it, squirm it around, push it over the floor, change the tallness and lean back, remove the seat pad, play with the plate. Bring child, as well, and perceive that it is so natural to get them in and out. Along these lines, you can see with your own eyes how strong and stable the seat is, and how pleasant the materials and completions are. You'll need one with a seat that is completely steady. Notwithstanding, that doesn't really mean enormous. For instance, the Baby Bjorn has a little back help, however its bend and seat profundity is perfect.

Impression and Portability

The impression and compactness of a high seat allude to the measure of room it takes up and how well the wheels (if present) work. Like we specified before, we aren't talking really "compact" here, exactly how versatile they are around your kitchen, and also that they are so natural to convey and store.

Two of our top choices the Baby Bjorn (L) and the Peg Perego Siesta (R) collapsed and prepared to be put away.

Two of our top choices, the Baby Bjorn (L) and the Peg Perego Siesta (R) collapsed and prepared to be put away.

Albeit a few seats had haggles didn't, we discovered that the wheeled ones weren't really less demanding to move. Indeed, one of our best scorers, the Baby Bjorn, doesn't have wheels. Some more basic variables to remember while considering a seat's impression and compactness are:

Albeit a few seats had haggles didn't, we discovered that the wheeled ones weren't really simpler to move. Truth be told, one of our best scorers, the Baby Bjorn, doesn't have wheels. Some more basic elements to remember while considering a seat's impression and conveyability are:

Size of Footprint: The impression is estimated by how much floor space it takes up in square inches. In the event that it's as of now a tight press having in excess of two individuals in your kitchen or eating zone, you might need to pick a seat with a littler impression measure.









Joovy Nook

Peg Perego Siesta

Graco SimpleSwitch

Graco Blossom

Blossom Fresco

Aid Flair

Tallness Right with Infant



Tripp Trapp Bundle

5.2 sqft

4.8 sqft

4.7 sqft

4.5 sqft

4.4 sqft

3.8 sqft

3.3 sqft

3.2 sqft

2.8 sqft

Product Footprint

Joovy Nook 5.2

Peg Perego Siesta 4.8

Graco SimpleSwitch 4.7

Graco Blossom 4.5

Blossom Fresco 4.4

Aid Flair 3.8

Tallness Right with Infant Insert 3.3

BabyBjorn 3.2

Tripp Trapp Bundle 2.8


The Siesta offers an auto-bolt highlight for the brakes. Over infant's arm rest when you see 'Stop' you realize the brakes are on and child isn't going anyplace.

The Siesta offers an auto-bolt include for the brakes. Over child's arm rest, when you see 'Stop', you realize the brakes are on and infant isn't going anyplace.

Regardless of whether you need wheels or not might be an individual choice. Remember that since it has wheels doesn't really make it less demanding to move around. Furthermore, if a seat has wheels, it must have brakes. Likewise, not every one of the brakes we utilized were easy to use. Some were little or badly designed to lock in. In the event that you have somewhat more seasoned youngsters, you will likewise need to look out that they are not giving child improper moonlight trips around the kitchen while the brakes are opened. Lastly, having wheels implies the seat will move each time you set the child in except if you make sure to bolt the brakes each and every time. Obliging that, one of our most loved and one of a kind highlights was the programmed brake bolt on the Peg Perego Siesta wheels. Whenever set to the 'STOP' position, you realize the brakes were on, and your infant wasn't going anyplace. Drive it down or change it to 'GO' and it is allowed to move around the kitchen. We discovered this was such a great amount of less demanding than attempting flip a portion of those small switches found on each wheel. It was so virtuoso we ask why every high seat with wheels don't offer this element!

Foldability: Sometimes, you require your high seat to be outside of anyone's ability to see for a brief period. Possibly you're facilitating a get-together or even simply needing to give the kitchen floor a decent cleaning. In any case, you require it out of your way. In these circumstances, you need to consider a one that folds for capacity. Two of seats from this survey, the Peg Perego Siesta and the Baby Bjorn, offer this advantageous component.

Extra Items to Ponder

Most effortless to get child all through - Do legs stall out in transit in or out of the seat? Is it hard to get to the tackle once child is situated? Will child begin to slide out once you evacuated the plate? How do the brakes function?

Outfitting infant - How simple is it to anchor the tackles around child? Are the tackles simple to change after the child is sitting? Does the seat give a three or five-point restriction framework? Does it unfasten effortlessly?

Infant's solace and situating - Is it simple to get infant into an open to seating position? Or on the other hand will you consistently need to correct? Is the plate so shut that child will feel squished, or too far away to get any stray sustenance? Is there enough extra space? Is the stool inside reach?

Usability all through child's improvement - Can I utilize this seat with a baby? Would i be able to utilize this seat with a more established little child?


A high seat is one of those unavoidable child hardware buys. Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from everything you need, however the truth is that your child should have some place they can sit securely to eat. You will have this bit of hardware for a long time, and will surely gain numerous extraordinary experiences with it, so it's a choice you would prefer not to trifle with. Whatever your one of a kind needs, there is a sheltered, utilitarian high seat out there for your family. Bon Appetit!