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What To Expect From 2020 Model of Volvo V60

"This is the place you'll begin your drive," said the van driver who lifted me up from the airplane terminal. He indicated a solidified inlet opposite the town of LuleƄ in northern Sweden, a short distance from the Arctic Circle. "This can't be it," I thought as I saw individuals coolly pushing their children on ice sleds. I'm here to drive another vehicle, not to go ice-skating or carry on with a typical day for a snow furrow driver.
2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country review

Under five minutes after the fact I remained on about a yard of shake strong ice before a column of perfectly stopped Volvo V60 Cross Country station wagons. It was - 16 Fahrenheit before wind chill severely entered the condition, which was cold enough to make holding a container of water without gloves on a burdensome assignment, however the V60 Cross Country was intended to easily handle these conditions.

As its name infers, the Cross Country depends on the V60 station wagon, however it exchanged its Stan Smiths for a couple of REI climbing boots. The identification additionally brings standard all-wheel drive and more ground leeway, among other winter-subduing treats.

Volvo hasn't discharged valuing data for the 2020 V60 Cross Country yet. We expect it will cost about $1,000 more than the standard V60, which conveys a base cost of $38,900. When it touches base in American showrooms, it will be offered in a solitary trim dimension, and with a solitary motor. The Cross Country's full rundown of standard and discretionary gear won't be distributed until nearer to its at a bargain date, which will be amid the main quarter of 2019, and conveyances will start the next July.


Volvo demonstrated an astonishing measure of foreknowledge when it divulged the V70 Cross Country at the 1997 Frankfurt automobile fair. It depended on the standard V70, however it increased extra ground freedom, all-wheel drive, in addition to a variety of Cross Country-explicit trim pieces. The Swedish firm swung a mallet in obscurity and hit the nail directly on the head; purchasers in virus atmospheres couldn't get enough of the V70 XC.

Ronan Glon/Digital Trends

The V60 Cross Country, similar to the majority of its antecedents and its cutting edge kin, pursues a similar formula. Beginning with a customary, second-age V60, which Volvo discharged in 2018, planners included model-explicit guards the two finishes, and defensive plastic cladding over the rocker boards and the wheel curves. Designers at that point raised the ground leeway by 2.9 inches. While the Cross Country is certainly not a true blue 4x4 fan, it permits drivers who normally venture out on soil streets to invest less energy agonizing over rocks punching the underbody and additional time driving. I think the outdoorsy look suits the V60 well, as well.

The sheet metal shrouds Volvo's particular SPA engineering, which is additionally found under the S90 and its subordinates, the XC90, the S60, and the XC60. Most drivers won't see the basic stage, yet they'll recognize the V60 Cross Country imparts numerous inside parts to its greater kin. SPA-based models utilize a similar infotainment framework, controlling wheel, and computerized instrument bunch, among different segments.

In the event that you've driven a late-demonstrate Volvo, you'll experience a sensation that this has happened before subsequent to sitting in the V60 Cross Country.

They likewise share a solace disapproved of way to deal with inside plan that puts the travelers up front. The materials look and feel upmarket with an irrefutably Scandinavian turn; altogether, they feel as pleasant as the ones Audi puts in the A4 Allroad, the V60's most immediate adversary.

The Cross Country offers 29.7 cubic feet of trunk space with four travelers ready. Collapsing the back seats into the floor yields 48.2 blocks; that is sufficiently huge for genuine Ikea-ing. In examination, the previously mentioned A4 Allroad at first trails the V60 with 24.2 cubic feet, however it jumps ahead with 58.5 3D squares once drivers cast the seatus-disappearus spell to conceal the back seat. V60 Cross Country purchasers are almost certain to likewise take a gander at the XC60, so remember Volvo's mid-go SUV offers 30.8 and 67.4 blocks with one and two columns of seats left up, separately.

Natural TECH

On the off chance that you've driven or sat in a late-show Volvo, you'll experience a sensation that this has happened before in the wake of taking a look inside the V60 Cross Country. It gets precisely the same Sensus infotainment framework found in the greater, costlier V90 that is situated in the following section up. It's shown on a representation situated screen inserted in the inside stack and encircled by a dark bezel. The framework replaces many catches, however Volvo admirably held a little bunch of them – including a genuine volume handle – in the space directly underneath the screen.

2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country audit


Sensus is never again the most current infotainment framework on the square, however it stays one of my top picks since it shows data in a generally clear, intelligent, and instinctive way. The home menu gives five fundamental alternatives: Navigation, media, availability, sound settings, and atmosphere settings. On the other hand, travelers can utilize swiping movements to get to worked in applications (like climate data and neighborhood look) or the various vehicle capacities, (for example, path keeping help, leave help, and the begin stop framework).

About everything is the place you hope to discover it, and it's anything but difficult to make mental easy routes to ordinarily utilized highlights in light of the fact that the menus are genuinely shallow. Ongoing equipment refreshes make Sensus quicker than previously, as well, and the designs are commonly great. Be that as it may, if Sensus simply doesn't develop on you, remember it's good with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


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I experienced no difficulty perusing data on my test vehicle's computerized instrument group. It's another bit of tech that has streamed down from greater models. The V90 Cross Country I drove in 2017 utilized a similar bunch. The screen takes care of business, and it decreases diversions by putting a guide with turn-by-turn route bearings directly in the driver's viewable pathway, however it isn't as intuitive or highlight rich as the Virtual Cockpit offered alternatively on the A4 Allroad.

Restraining THE ICE

Volvo is making life simple for drivers looking for a V60 Cross Country. It's a mono-spec model, and it's solitary accessible with a solitary motor. Called T5, the unit being referred to is a turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-chamber tuned to convey 250 strength at 5,500 rpm and 258 pound-feet of torque over an expansive band that extends from 1,800 to 4,800 rpm. In more straightforward terms, the torque is dependably there when you need it.

2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country audit

Ronan Glon/Digital Trends

All-wheel drive is discretionary on the ordinary V60; it's standard on the Cross Country. The turbo four's capacity goes to the asphalt – or, for this situation, the ice – through an eight-speed programmed transmission.

The V60 Cross Country and I made a trip to a remote piece of Sweden where it snows such a great amount amid the winter that the streets are once in a while clear. This beautiful condition made it about difficult to completely assess the wagon's on-street comfort. The customary V60 inspired me with its refined, loosening up ride (I called it cool, quiet, and gathered), and I don't perceive any reason why the Cross Country would be any unique. Furthermore, my time with Cross Country-ified Volvo models has trained me they're normally more supple than the vehicles they're founded on.

After Volvo let me free on the ice, I found a side of the V60 couple of purchasers will ever meet. The ones that do will be consoled to discover it, in any case.

Its taking care of is charmingly unsurprising yet not horribly captivating, and the brakes clean off speed with a "don't stress, we got this" frame of mind.

Aided by studded snow tires, the Cross Country held to the street and never let go. The laws of material science will dependably win the fight against all-wheel drive and electronic wizardry, however the V60 amazed me with sure and beyond any doubt footed dealing with where I anticipated that it should slip crazy like a puck on an air hockey table. It even handled a slalom course set up on the solidified inlet at around 45 mph without putting a wrong foot. Shy of entering a turn with an excessive amount of speed, the best way to motivate the tires to relax their hold is to kill the footing control.
I in the end left the ice, however I didn't abandon ice. The greater part of the streets I went on were secured with snow, ice, or both, and realizing that the Cross Country's everything wheel drive framework remained alarm to keep me pointed the correct way – and far from the transcending trees on either side of the asphalt – brought a huge measure of genuine feelings of serenity. Rather than white-knuckling the controlling wheel through solidified turns, I turned each embellishment that begins with "warmed" on to the max, and delighted in the almost Arctic view that folded over the vehicle.

Proceeding onto the roadway for a concise stretch of rapid driving uncovered the 250-strength turbo four has enough muscle to move the V60 Cross Country energetically. It is anything but a quick wagon using any and all means, however it has enough zip in its progression to fulfill the requirements of the normal driver; Volvo cites a zero-to-60-mph time of 6.8 seconds, which is about a second slower than the A4 Allroad.

2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country audit

Ronan Glon/Digital Trends

It achieves interstate speeds in a smooth, straight way, yet it imparts its encouraging to the travelers at about at all times. The T5 motor's moan fills the lodge under overwhelming quickening, however it calms down extensively once the V60 achieves its cruising speed. Starting there on, it's soothing, made cruising supported by an agreeable suspension that sift through most inconsistencies in the asphalt. Its taking care of is unsurprising however not awfully captivating, which is the thing that I anticipate from a Volvo wagon, and the brakes clean off speed with a "don't stress, we got this" frame of mind.

The drivetrain's greatest let-down is the transmission, which is periodically befuddled and jerky at low speeds (like when driving through a city), or when it needs to downshift. The V60 Cross Country needs move paddles like a Jeep Wrangler needs a track mode and a carbon fiber diffuser, yet Volvo in any case gives drivers the choice of choosing their own apparatus by utilizing the switch in the inside support. It's an element I once in a while utilized.

I didn't invest enough energy in the driver's seat to quantify the V60 Cross Country's efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) won't discharge its figures until nearer to the wagon's discounted date.


Automakers are leaving the station wagon section so rapidly that we need to check its heartbeat all the time. The V60 Cross Country contends in a specialty inside a specialty, yet it's not the only one in its aggressive set. Its nearest rival is the Audi A4 Allroad, a model which begins at $45,700.

Allroad is Audi-represent Cross Country. In view of the A4 Avant, which isn't sold in the United States, the Allroad show gets tough looking plastic trim, standard Quattro all-wheel drive, and more space between the rocker boards and the ground. On the off chance that that sounds well-known, this is on the grounds that the Allroad and the Cross Country are varieties of a similar subject. The Audi handles superior to the Volvo, and it's impressively faster, however it's not as agreeable. It's likewise about $5,000 increasingly costly.

Genuine feelings of serenity

We'll have to hold up until Volvo discharges extra data about the V60 Cross Country to get some answers concerning the wellbeing highlights it comes standard with, and the gear purchasers need to pay additional for. To include setting, each V60 is furnished with double front, front side, and shade airbags notwithstanding a knee airbag for the driver. Volvo likewise incorporates path keeping help, approaching path relief, a whiplash security framework, and street sign data innovation. Semi-self-ruling Pilot Assist innovation (which consolidates versatile voyage control and path keeping help) is alternatively accessible on the V60.

Like each new Volvo, the V60 Cross Country will flaunt a four-year, 50,000-mile guarantee.


It's not hard to perceive any reason why Volvo stays focused on the station wagon portion even as its opponents flee from it like they're escaping an atomic blast. The V60 Cross Country speaks to an almost bargain free option in contrast to a minimized extravagance SUV like the XC60 for purchasers looking for space for travelers and apparatus in addition to winter-beating all-wheel drive. Furthermore, as SUVs and hybrids attack each carport in America, owning a station wagon may before long turned out to be cool once more.